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in some kind of city which is involved in itself in a .. in a .. in a political crisis.

Now, it is true, and I think we have to realize this, that SNCC is involved in trying to set about just such a crisis.

What's not true is that it's done by aliens or that it's done in a spirit which is contrary to whatever spirit you want to say pervades this country.

Because what we have found out in the deep South is exactly this, that the deep South will not change, refuses to change, unless and until the Federal government makes a change. (Applause)

That in fact, in the deep South, what they want and what they are asking for is just such a confrontation of Federal troops with local officials so that they can say that what has happened is that the Federal government is trying to take over.

And in fact what we are trying to bring about in various parts of the deep South is just such a confrontation.

We are trying to bring about the situation in the Federal which the Federal government must and will and can act to bring troops, if necessary, or certainly to bring Federal marshals and certainly to bring Federal presence to the degree that the local officials must capitulate and must give some substantive change in the situation in the South.

We are trying to bring about just such a situation and it's important for us to understand that

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