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Transcription: [00:23:34]
[[audience conversations overlap]]

{SPEAKER name="Samuel Block"}
[[and there is because we believe?]] this we know that we're gonna make the freedom train

[[audience cheers]]

[[and there is?]] because we've said this, we're gonna need someone to engineer that's gonna be driving the engine of this train.

We're here to tell the world that the freedom train is coming

Although there may be be some doubt in somebody's mind about the freedom train

They said now the freedom train is coming say, uh, I wanna know a little bit more about the train, say what kind of train is this?

You said it is a freedom train I wanna know what is the train carrying.

Well see, the train is carrying nothing but freedom,
so you don't have to worry about what the freedom train is carrying.

Well a lot of people worry say "well will there be any Governor Wallace on this train?"

"Will there be any Governor Barnetts on this train?"

Well no, there will be no segregation on this train!

This train is known as the freedom train, the freedom train is coming,

and it's carrying nothing but freedom!

So we gonna tell Washington that the freedom train is coming, and it's carrying nothing but freedom!

Now we want you to tell [[em? them?]] that!

It'll be carrying nothing but freedom, freedom, freedom.

Let's get onboard, get onboard.

Well you know a lot of people worry, they say "now if the freedom train is coming and you say it's carrying nothing but freedom,

say, I wanna know a just little bit more about the train.

Say, I know I haven't done what I should have done a long time ago for the cause of freedom

but let me tell you. I don't wanna be left when everybody else going on this train.

I wanna know if there's gonna be any room for my little son.

Is there gonna be any room for my little daughter that wanna go on this freedom train?

Will there be any room for my husband?

See, I know he worked on the plantation real hard all his life.

I know that he hasn't gone up to register vote as he should've done.

But lemme tell you. Say I wanna go on the train I wanna carry my whole family.

Say, I know that, you know, since all the freedom fighters have come together

and they're fighting for the cause of freedom, say I don't think

there would be any room for me on this train. But this is the reason

why I'm coming to ask you, will there be any room for us on this train?"

Well, yeah, you don't have to worry. We know that you haven't done what you should have done.

You don't have to worry. You don't have to worry about the train that's coming by the thousand.

So don't you worry about a thing. If you haven't done anything just come up.

Cause the train is coming by the thousand.

It'll be coming by the thousand, thousand, thousand.

Let's get onboard, oh, get on board.

You know. down in Mississippi, you know

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