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{SPEAKER name="James Baldwin"}
In a way that way.

I think when freedom goes that way, it simply, sort of, evaporates, vanishes, nobody cares.

A certain chaos takes its place.

A chaos, rather like the chaos we have watched in Germany.

And again, I understand, this is supposed to be a horrible example, but I still think, I still believe,

that when, when it's everyone's fault, of all human feeling, you can do anything, to anybody, and justify it.

And we do know, that in this country, for a very long time, after all, we have done just that.

The nature of them, of our crisis, it seems to me, is in those of us,

who will not live, unless we can't be free.

Make this known.

Make it known.

That the events, the terrible events of the last ten days

have done nothing to alter this determination.

And that, in fact, if what had been undecided or uncertain before,

about what it meant to try and liberate oneself and this country.

What ever hesitation one might have had before, have vanished now.

Because, now we have seen with our own eyes,

what danger we stand in.

We have seen with our own eyes, what happens to a society when it allows itself to be ruled by,

the least able and most abject among them.

We have seen what happens