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[[background talking, in crowded area throughout interview]]

{SPEAKER name="Audience member"}

of becoming the action that's needed before we can, as a nation, change ourselves.

and the part about the [[Scripture?]] as a turning to one another. Putting it in one way, as lovers turn to one another.

And I appreciate so much what you said today, but the question that grows out of this.

In speaking about the way in which we become, so really, what we think other people are.

Now, after having stood on the street of Selma, Alabama, and seen what happened there,

how, what kind of counsel, could you give those, who stand on these streets, and are terribly tempted to think of those people as nothing but bigots and segregationist and half humans.

If we, if we I'm taking you're saying, if we allow ourselves to think of that way too, we also shall be overcome.

How shall we avoid this?

{SPEAKER name="James Baldwin"}
I think--

{SPEAKER name="James Baldwin"}
I think that the only way we can avoid it.

I think I understand.

I know the tension in me, I know how angry I can get, I know what, I know sometimes -- things.

I think that it is very important to remember, but I know it is sometimes almost impossible.

It's very important to remember that the people, for example, who run Selma, Alabama.

Are monsters because they are in the wrong place.

You have to understand, I think, that in fact, the Sheriff Jim Clark, had been born in another country and not have been put to uses he had been put to,

he might not have become a monster.

And what one has to do, is not so much blow his head off, as it'll get it replaced,

to get another government, in fact, which will not allow, people of such total incompetence

and I mean incompetence, even given aside his bigotry, given aside everything else, just purely incompetence.

What we have to do is, find out who put him there, and we know who put him there.

Then get rid of the cat that put him there,

and then we may have in Selma, Alabama a place for human beings to live.

That answer you at all?