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Transcription: [00:34:28]
[[background talking, in crowded area]]

[[audience member 1]]
Mr Baldwin, do you advocate a third party? And if so, do you have any in mind?

{SPEAKER name="James Baldwin"}
I'm sorry, the question is do I advocate a third party and if so, do I have any in mind.

I beg your pardon. I'm sorry the question was: do I advocate a third party and if so, do I have any in mind.

I know the honest answer I can give to that, is to say, that it's a question which much occupies my mind.

I have not thought my way through on it, I certainly don't have any existing party in mind, no.

I have thought of-- and I still think of-- the possibility of a fusion party, that's the word I want.

Because there are so many elements of the Republican and Democratic Parties, which are unusable and um, and menacing.

As long as [[??]] is in the Democratic Party, I have a certain amount of trouble becoming very enthusiastic about the Democratic Party. [[clapping]]

[[audience member 2]]
Mr. Baldwin, as you interpret the American scene, how do you accommodate,

in your apparent philosophy, the apparent intent of major civil rights organizations to neither agitate nor demonstrate

until President Johnson's reelection, we can congratulate?

[[laughter, clapping]]

{SPEAKER name="James Baldwin"}
Well, since I am not, myself, nor a major civil rights organization.

[[laughter, clapping]]

I don't understand the strategy. I

Transcription Notes:
Can't figure out the name of the member of the Democratic Party at 35:28 - Eastland? Eastman....both were democrats during this time