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{SPEAKER name="James Baldwin"}
-- have survived all those labels and all that pain I tried to raise this question before, and I would like to try to raise it one more time, because it is a serious question.

If I have found out in spite of all that you have done, if I have found out that I am not a nigger, and I know that you invented him because you needed him then it is a very great question: who is a nigger here?


Part of the price that Americans have paid for this delusion -- part of what we have done to ourselves, proof of what we have done to ourselves, was given to us in Dallas, Texas, something like a week ago.--

This happened -- in a civilised nation. -- A country which is the moral leader of the free world.


And a lunatic blew the president's head off. -- Now I want to suggest something, I don't want to sound rude.


But we all know,-- that it has been many generations, and it hasn't stopped yet. -- That black man's heads have been blown off. And nobody cares.

{SPEAKER name="Unknown Speaker"}
Hear Hear.

{SPEAKER name="James Baldwin"}
Because as I said before, it wasn't happening to a person, it was happening to a --

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