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{SPEAKER name="James Baldwin"}
-- and I survive all your prisons, but you have not. If -- we in this country have, had a stronger grasp of reality, of reality!

When I say reality, I mean the reality of another human being. Another human being! If we had -- not lost that -- then the assassination of Medgar Evers would have aroused the country then!

He was a father, he had a wife, he had children. He was an American!


He was also killed, we are told, by a lunatic. I am suspicious to tell you the truth of these lunatics who crop up at the most inconvenient or convenient times and places, but in any case--


--in any case, I don't care what hand pulled the trigger. He was put to death.

By the Southern Oligarchy who still intend, with the country's help, to keep the negro in his place. That is why he died, and that is why nobody cared!

Six kids were murdered! in Birmingham! On a Sunday, and in Sunday school, in a Christian nation [[banging hand]] and nobody cared!