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May 5th, 1939
My dear Mr. Ford:

  You certainly know by name of the celebrated Mackay Collection. 
  We have been entrusted by the Executors of the Mackay Estate with the sale of this magnificent collection which is now on view at our galleries. 

  Should you come to New York shortly, we would very much like to have your visit as we know you would enjoy seeing all these magnificent examples of the work of the greatest artists, selected with great care by Mr. Mackay under the best guidance over a period of 30 years. 

  Outstanding amongst the paintings is a man's portrait by Crivelli; amongst the sculpture there are examples by Donatello, Mino da Fiesole, and Riccio. We also have the three famous Gothic tapestries which Mr. Mackay bought a great many years ago and which came from the Chateau de Chaumont, having belonged to the Prince of Broglie. There is also a unique 13th century ivory Virgin, and three pair of extremely fine cassones.

  Completing the bulk of the collection is unsurpassable armor which was Mr. Mackay's main interest. 

  All these various art objects have princely and sometimes even royal pedigrees and are all for sale at substantially reduced prices from what Mr. Mackay paid for them. 

  Hoping this will give me the opportunity of seeing you and Mrs. Ford at our galleries, 

     Kindly believe me 
         Very sincerely yours, 
         (René Seligmann)

Edsel B. Ford, Esq.
1100 Lake Shore Drive 
Detroit, Michigan