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October 30th, 1935.

Dear Mrs. Ford, 

I just learned with great pleasure that you are coming to New York next week, and I hope that during your stay here you will have a few spare moments and that I will have a chance to see you again.

If it is agreeable to you, perhaps you could come to the galleries and I could then show you the pictures we have recently brought over - among which are some extremely fine paintings by Van Gogh, Seurat and Cézanne.

Perhaps also, you might prefer to go with me to the Museum of Modern Art, as the Van Gogh Exhibition is opening there on the fourth of November.

I have not heard whether Mrs. Kansler is coming with you, but I hope she does, and in that case would like very much to see her also.

With my kindest regards to you and Mr. Ford,

Please believe me to be
Your sincerely,

(René Seligmann)

Mrs. Edsel Ford,
1100 Lake Shore Road,
Grosse Pointe Shores,