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We haven't forgotten that that there is a struggle, and the struggle is a part of us all.

Um, and of course we'll continue working, and as we work--as we work--it should be pointed out, and clearly understood, it should not be done, hasn't been thus far and should never be on the basis of we're trying to commit, y'know, build a black society.

There was a notice a few weeks ago, I guess, that spoiler [[??]] Julian made about in the jet, after the big all-black meeting in Detroit--uh, saying that, uh SNCC pointed out that they were trying to build an integrated society where every man would have a chance to develop his potential.

And something about--and when he came with reference to white people in the organization, there was a statement about "We're too busy merging to consider purging". That sounds like Forman to me. [[Laughter]]

But uh, y'know, ultimately if you merge them, that's alright, come on in the water's fine.

Uh, and so, y'know, I really don't know what to say, um, very much, because y'know I've just been, hung up 'bout the whole thing, y'know, all of you here, y'know, 50 people from Mississippi. You see buses rolling in, and you see, y'know, little SNCC bureaucrats with tickets, handing them out--the plane tickets and all that sorta thing. And uh--

how it just sort of beats, y'know, remembering we once had one car. And that was a thing that was sort of promoted for a while, that we--you know, I'm no longer draftable. I can't be drafted. That's only because I'm married now. Groovy exemption.

But we'd made the decision that we wouldn't fight anyhow, because, it's been said many times--we who had fought, we who had spilled our blood for so many years in a grand attempt to make the world safe for America should fight now, and only fight, that we make democracy safe for America, rather.

We should fight now, and only fight--not to make the world safe for democracy, but to make democracy safe for the world. This is our battle. This is what we should be doing--today, tomorrow and always. [[clapping]]

Could we stand? Everybody stand. [[talking in background]] Everybody stand, we're going to sing--

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