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Triumphs at "A Century of Progress"

Have you ever seen a tire made?

More than three million people have gone through the Firestone Factory and Exhibition Building at "A Century of Progress" and have seen Firestone Tires made - from the mixing of the rubber and Gum-Dipping of the cords to the actual building and curing of the tire.
The Firestone Gum-Dipping Machine shown at the left saturates and coats every fiber within the high stretch cards with pure liquid rubber, adding eight pounds of pure rubber to every one hundred pounds of cord. This is an extra process for safety and blowout protection not used in any other tire. It is one of the reasons why Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires hold all World Records on road and track for Safety, Speed, Mileage and Endurance.
When you visit the World's Fair, we invite you to see how Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires are made and also to see the Firestone Multi-Color Shadow Sign shown above and the Firestone Singing Color Fountain shown way below, the only installations of their kind in the world.

The MASTERPIECE of Tire Construction