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Executive Officers and Civic Sponsoring 
Committee of the 
1936 National Air Races 

Carl B. Squier, President Don P. Smith, Vice-President J.H. Kindelberger, Vice-President W.P Balderston, Secretary 
Oscar A. Trippet, Treasurer R. L. McCourt, Director Daniel C. Ha, Director 

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[column 1]
Lloyd Aldrich, City Engineer, City of Los Angeles.
Charles E. Arnn, President, Advertising Club, Los Angeles.
Mrs. Will Lee Austin, President, Los Angeles District, California Federation of Women's Clubs.
W. J. Austin, President, The Austin Company, Cleveland, Ohio.
Charles Baad, Managing Director, The Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles.
Erle Barker, Barker Bros., Los Angeles.
Dr. Frank Barham, Publisher, Los Angeles Herald-Express, Los Angeles. 
R. B. Barnitz, Director of Airports, City of Los Angeles.
Clarence S. Beesmyer, Gilmore Oil Co., Los Angeles.
Frank Belcher, President, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego. 
A. C. Berghoff, President, Southern Calif. Hotel Assn.
Frank Bireley, President, Bireley's Inc., Hollywood
E. W. Biscailuz, Sheriff, County of Los Angeles.
Manchester Boddy, Publisher and Editor, Illustrated Daily News, Los Angeles. 
T. F. Bomar, Manager Aviation Department, San Diego Chamber of Commerce.
Wm. G. Bonelli, Director of Dept. of Professional and Vocational Standards, State of California.
W.J. Braunschweiger, Vice-Pres., Bank of America, Los Angeles.
Carelton Burke, Chairman, Southern Calif. Sportsman Assn.
Robert L. Burns, President, City Council, City of Los Angeles.
Fred H. Caley, Cleveland, Ohio.
E. Raymond Cato, Chief, Calif. Highway Patrol, Sacramento, Calif.
Harry Chandler, Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Los Angeles Times.
Norman Chandler, Vice-Pres., Los Angeles Times.
Edward L. Cheyney, Dis. Mgr., Aluminum Co. of America, Cleveland, Ohio. 
G. W. Codrington, Pres.-Gen. Mgr., Winton Engine Corp., Cleveland, Ohio.
R. J. Cope, Pres., Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. of Calif.
James E. Davis, Chief of Police, Los Angeles.
W. Jefferson Davis, Chairman, Calif. Branch, Air Defense League.
A. H. De Friest, Vice-Pres., General Petroleum Corp.
Donald Douglas, President, The Douglas Company. 
George L. Eastman, President, Security Materials Co. 
Jack Fishburn, Bank of America, Los Angeles.
Buron Fitts, District Attorney, Los Angeles.
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W. H. Fleming, Vice-Pres., Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. of Calif.
John Anson Ford, Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County.
Leland M. Ford, Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County.
B. L. Frank, Manager, The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles.
William May Garland, Los Angeles.
Earl B. Gilmore, Gilmore Oil Co., Los Angeles.
Edgar N. Gott, Asst. to the Pres., Consolidated Aircraft Corp., San Diego. 
L. W. Greve, Pres., National Air Races of Cleveland, Inc., Cleveland Ohio.
L. A. Gross, Asst. Secy. and Gen. Mgr., Retail Merchants Credit Assoc., Los Angeles. 
Robert E. Gross, Pres., Lockheed Aircraft Corp.
Raymond L. Haight, Attorney, Los Angeles. 
Pierson M. Hall, United States District Attorney, Los Angeles.
G. Allan Hancock, Director and Sponsor, Hancock Pacific Expeditions.
S. M. Haskins, Pres., Los Angeles Railway Corp.
George Hearst, Hearst Radio Service. 
J.C. Herbert, Gen. Mgr., The B. F. Goodrich Co., Los Angeles.
R. T. Herndon, Vice-Pres., The Texas Co. (A Calif. Corp.)
Parker Hill, Secy., National Air Races of Cleveland, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.
W. T. Holliday, President, The Standard Oil Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 
W. K. Jay, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr., The Northrop Corp.
Roger Jessup, Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County.
August P. Johnsen, Standard Oil Co. of Calif. 
W. B. Kinner, Pres., Security National Aircraft Corp.
J. R. Knowland, President, Calif. State Chamber of Commerce.
Otto Koch, President, Kendall Refining Co., Bradford, Pa.
Herbert C. Legg, Chairman, Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County.
Harold B. Link, The Los Angeles Breakfast Club.
Harold Lloyd, Los Angeles.
Willis D. Longyear, Los Angeles.
Ted Lynn, Air Associates, Inc., Glendale. 
Senator W. J. McAdoo.
R. L. McCourt, President, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. 
Gordon L. McDonough, Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County.
J. C. McHannah, Vice-Pres., Central National Bank, Cleveland, Ohio. 
J. L. Maddux, Maddux, Inc., Los Angeles.
J. S. MacKay, Jr., Attorney, Los Angeles.
F. W. Marlow, District Director, Federal Housing Administration.
James R. Martin, Los Angeles.
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Louis B. Mayer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp.
Wilbur May, The May Company.
A. S. Menasco, Pres., Menasco Manufacturing Co. 
Frank F. Merriam, Governor of California.
Standish L. Mitchell, Gen. Mgr., Automobile Club of Southern Calif.
George Moreland, Pres., Los Angeles Breakfast Club.
Major C. C. Mosely, Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Curtiss-Wright Technical Institute of Aeronautics.
Gurney E. Newlin, Attorney, Los Angeles.
Palmer Nicholls, Pres., Pacific Airmotive Corp., Inc. 
Otto K. Olesen, Pres., Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.
C. E. Olmstead, Pres., The Texas Co. (A Calif. Corp.)
Judge Frank D. Parent, Inglewood F. Norman Phelps, Chevrolet Motor Co. Mary Pickford.
D. W. Pontius, Pres., PacificElectricRailway Co. 
Robert Porter, Pres., Kinner Airplane & Moro Corp., Ltd.
Robert J. Pritchard, Editor, Western Flying Magazine.
Paul Quattlander, Pres., Barker Bros. 
E. P. Querl, Aviation Commissioner, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. 
Earle H. Reynolds, Pres., Watrola Southwest Sales Corp.
Paul G. Ritter, Pres., Board of Public Works, City of Los Angeles. 
Hal E. Roach, Res., Hal Roach Studios, Inc.
T. Claude Ryan, Pres., Ryan Aeronautical Co., San Diego.
Joseph Schenck, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Form., Beverly Hills.
J. W. Schneider, Pres., J. W. Robinson Co. 
R. J. Scott, Chief, Fire Dept., City of Los Angeles.
Frank L. Shaw, Mayor of Los Angeles. 
L. P. St. Clair, Pres., Union Oil Co. 
Wm. Lyman Stewart, Jr., Vice-Pres., Union Oil Co. Robert G. Sproul, Pres., University of California.
F. E. Titus, The B. F. Goodrich Co., Los Angeles.
Wm. Van Dusen, Pres., Board of Air Control, City of San Diego.
R. B. von KleinSmid, Pres., University of Southern Calif. 
A. L. Weil, Pres., General Petroleum Corp., Los Angeles.
Harry H. Wetzel, Gen. Manager, The Douglas Co., Santa Monica.
E. A. Wine, Los Angeles.
P. G. Winnett, Pres. Bullock's Inc.
P. A. Wright, Pres., Union Air Terminal.
George Young, Publisher, Los Angeles Examiner.
Darryl Zanuck, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp., Beverly Hills.
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