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Your Responsibilities

We all play a part in making our company a good place in which to work and we all, therefore, have the responsibility of cooperating in the enforcement of rules and regulations necessary to our general welfare. Some of these are designed to make our work flow more smoothly, some are for the protection of our health and comfort, some are the result of military restrictions, and so on. Rest assured that there is a good reason for every rule, so--LET'S COOPERATE.

Absence Without Notification

If you simply must be absent, be sure that you report this fact, and the reason, to the Personnel Department (by calling Extension 400). If you are absent for three successive days without notification, you may be discharged.

Notification of Change of Address, Etc.

You should notify the Personnel Department at once of any change in address, telephone number, draft classification or marital status. We need up-to-date information in case we must contact you about work in your department or must contact your relatives in case of emergency. We also need such information in order to comply with Federal and State laws which require certain reports and information about all of us.

Identification Badges

You cannot be admitted to any plant without showing your badge to the guard on duty. This is a strict military regulation by which we must all abide. If you have forgotten your badge, report to the guard on duty who will tell you where and how to secure a temporary badge. If you have lost your badge or pass, report to the Personnel Office and ask for a replacement. Replacements will cost you 50 cents.
You should wear your badge so that it is clearly visible at all times while in any plant and should carry your pass with you at all times as well. If you have just been hired, you will have a temporary badge and pass for the first few days.
Do not tamper with or deface your badge or pass and do not permit anyone else to wear or carry them. Such acts may lead to your dismissal.


Because of war-time restrictions of a military nature, it is impossible to arrange plant visits of former employees or of your friends and relatives. All visitors who are permitted to enter any plant must be working on activities directly related to company business or war contracts. They must apply at the Guard Office located at each plant entrance and be certified by Plant Protection for entrance.
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