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[[left margin]]CAMERAS AND PICTURES[[/left margin]]
None but specifically authorized persons may enter or leave any plant with cameras or pictures in their possession. Federal laws are very strict on this point. It is also forbidden to take pictures of any of our plants or equipment without specific authorization.

[[left margin]]BULLETIN BOARDS[[/left margin]]
Bulletin boards are placed throughout the plant for the posting of management notices and employee bulletins. No posters, bulletins, signs, or written or printed matter are to be put up or distributed until approved by the Director of Industrial Relations. No space but authorized bulletin boards is to be used for posting purposes.

[[left margin]]SUBSCRIPTIONS AND SOLICITATIONS[[/left margin]]
No solicitations of any kind are to be made on company time without authorization from the Director of Industrial Relations.

[[left margin]]PERSONAL MAIL[[/left margin]]
Please do not have your personal mail addressed to you in care of the company. Our mail department is already overburdened by the heavy demands of our business.

[[left margin]]PERSONAL TELEPHONE CALLS[[/left margin]]
Telephone equipment is scarce and our switchboards are very busy. Unnecessary personal calls can seriously interfere with company business. You are, therefore, requested not to make personal phone calls except in cases of emergency. Before leaving your work place in such cases, your foreman or supervisor should be notified and permission for the call should be secured. As to receiving personal calls, you can help greatly by requesting friends and relatives not to call you in care of the company. In an emergency, you can best be reached through the Personnel Department where the message will be taken and delivered to you through your foreman or supervisor.


[[stamp]]BENDIX RADIO[[/stamp]]

[[right margin]]PERSONAL CONDUCT[[/right margin]]
In order to protect the joint interests of the employees and the management of the company, a certain number of rules and regulations as to conduct are necessary. As might be expected, such rules and regulations are obeyed by the great majority of employees. Unfortunately, however, the few persons who break the rules make it necessary to establish disciplinary procedures and penalties which apply to all.

[[right margin]]DISCIPLINE[[/right margin]]
The company recognizes only three forms of discipline:
Discharge (Mandatory or Optional)
Oral reprimand
Written reprimand
1. Mandatory Discharge: Immediate discharge is mandatory in the following cases provided guilt is clearly established, and that the violation takes place on the company's

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