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{SPEAKER name="John Lewis"}
...Anybody in here can almost run it.
Don't let em tell you they all them secrets there and how they stole the land.
Thats why they don't want you down there.
How they stole all this land from you!
See cause the Negroes use to own a whole lot of land around here.
Don't let anybody fool you.
They ex my grandfather out of his land up there in Marshall County.
That's right, due some document in court said he made an ex for gambling debt
so he lost five hundred acres of land. The man never gambled in his life.
But it was choice land, and he didn't have any recourse
All those things go on, then along came World War Two
and the African nations began to rise up.
See, history is catching up with the white man.
From the very shores that he reaped, and raped us,
and take, and captured us.
The West Africans of Ivoire, they have their freedom now.
Rising up in 47' up in Ghana and Guinea,
and we have to understand this.
White man doesn't want us to think about Africa.
He wants to think that we are just pure blooded Americans
when he knows that's a living lie.
It's true we are Americans, but he talks about America
for white America. Otherwise why can't we vote
come Tuesday.
See, the bible says you shall know them by their deeds
and not by their words.
But the devils got a slippery tongue.
That's right.
So the African nations began to get their freedom
and that had an effect on all of us.
Sometimes we don't know it,
but sitting in the United Nations they had black men and black women
with all sorts of robes as heads of state.
See, the white man couldn't say anymore
that the Negro was dirty, was uneducated,
cause they had Negroes running governments,
we can run these governments.
Along came the nineteen fifty four supreme court decision
and the tremendous effect that that had all across this land.
Then, lo and behold, came February the first, nineteen sixty.