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Transcription: {SPEAKER name="John Lewis"}

A lamp in the window or somethin' like that, you know, or a barbecue stand in the back yard, or 5 and 10 cents movie.

There's somethin' else. We got to go on from this point and get our freedom and help free the white man.
[Oh, yeah!]

He's not free.
[you're right, you're right]

And we goin' do all of this and that's why your freedom ballot is important.

And everybody in this room should go home and get an the telephone and say,

"Child, it ain't but one more day to cast your ballot. And if you don't cast your ballot tomorrow, then I don't wanna talk to you."
["You're right!"]

See, you can't have it both ways!

You can't be my friend and Uncle Tom behind my back. See, and we ought to call a spade a spade.

And we're gonna hafta start gettin' hard.

Just like we talk about these [[?]] preachers and these uneducated teachers,

we're gonna have to start gettin' hard on our friends, or who callin' themselves our friends.

'Cause you don't need no Tom for a friend.

You got somethin' within you now that's gonna last you to your grave. The spirit of freedom.

Once we done all this, then what have we done? We have helped our brothers in Alabama. They're sufferin' too.

Like Ms. Hall said, the people in Selma said, if they in Greenwood Mississippi can do it, we can do it.

And let me tell you somthin', Birmingham, Alabama was no accident.

Remember Birmingham followed two weeks after Greenwood.

And I know, 'cause I was over in Birmingham when there was only ten people in the line.

And I'm not sayin' if what I said had any effect,

but we told 'em about Greenwood and how the people were willing to go down to register and face the dogs.

And some people said, well if they can do that then we can do this.

And that's the way it goes, you see, all over the south.

People in Georgia sayin' well if the people in Mississippi can begin the struggle, then I can struggle too.

So that's why your ballot is-

Transcription Notes:
The clip cuts off in the middle of a sentence. At 13:12, cannot identify the word describing the preachers.