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{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
This man --

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
Ugh-- [[affirmative]]

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
it's been a really fun day

[[Cross Talk]]

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
I'm just wondering, I'm just wondering how much, assuming the demonstration has
nothing to do with chances the city charter?

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
What is it that you want
I'm just wondering how much-- [[Cross Talk]]

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
We had been fighting 25 years ago. I've been here 25 years, we've been asking [[?]].

[[Background noise]]

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers"}
[[?]] I just made a report about what happened in jail.

[[Background noise]]

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
Well, it doesn't look like anybody's gonna be here, so I'll just tell you about what happened today.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
Everybody who was in jail got released on bond. Uh all the adults that were on the sit-ins, various sit-ins, were convicted of trespassing and fined fifty dollars each.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
That was how many people- seven? Something like that. [[Audience member agrees- seven.]] Seven people were fined fifty dollars each we were all released on bond.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
And, Robert and I have five charges of [[?]] of inciting a minor to commit a misdemeanor. Uh, which I don't know how serious of a charge it is. But I think they could send me to jail for it.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
So, that they'll probably use that some more for students in demonstrations, so we gotta beat that.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
Uh, I'd like to say that I haven't ever been to jail, or before that I was- I haven't ever participated in a small sit-in type demonstration that I felt was more effective than the one that was held at the Capitol Theatre.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
It was very orderly, the kids knew exactly what to do. They were a wonderful group of kids. They behaved all the way up to the jail, and in jail, they kept singing of course and they didn't like that.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
They spent some time in the tight cell. I think everybody spent some time in the tight cell.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
When I heard the first night I was in there they had me over to what they call cold storage.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
And I don't think they knew if I was Negro or white.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
And I heard those girls singing. I said, man I don't need no mattress.

[[Audience member laughs]]

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
Uh, and we pulled the time all right. Annie Pearl Avery has been on a hunger strike for the past four days. She didn't eat till she came out.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
And I think she ought to be congratulated for that, 'cause I know what it's like. I've pulled those things before and takes a lot in here. [[?]] food.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
Uh, what else was I going to say. Oh yeah, and I might, I don't know how many of you know this. There's a young lady, thirteen years old, named Valory Bomber.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
And she's been in jail five times. And, uh, when I was thirteen years old of course I didn't have any kind of movement or anything, and of course I didn't want any part of it, anything.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
I think if you all know her, she's just definitely one of the kids I think is great because she's one of those real quiet little girls. She never says anything. She's always just a real faithful kind. I never knew she'd been in jail that much.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
She's with it. Uh, I think [[Rowan Chase?]] is coming right out in just a minute. She wants to make a brief statement.

[[Background noise]]

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
Did you give it?

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
We are happy to have you here. I'm sorry that I left with Mrs. [[Shavers??]]. I won't say too much about it, but I was talking with Mrs. [[Shavers?]] about something that she had already done, which I think most of you know about.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
I hear a couple of suns ago now, and I was asking her to do something of like nature because in that area we really need it. And that's why I took long enough to uh time to give her a full picture of what the situation is.

{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
So that she can work in her best way to get this matter done.

Ah, I'd like to say this to you that there has been some contact with Mrs. Gloria Richard of Cambridge to get her here as a speaker of one of the mass meetings, in fact tomorrow night, but as of now I don't know.

I talked to her yesterday and she indicated to me that she may be able to come, but there was a family problem of a little girl of 11 that she didn't know; I suggested that she would bring the little girl with her but she was not disposed at that moment to do that. So, what she will do we do not know.

So, I throw that out to you as that's one of the things that we are trying to do in terms of our mass meetings.

A third thing I would like to say to you with the assistance of the local chapter of the NAACP, Rev Thomas has initiated a program and we all are working with him on it. He has discussed with me at least 3 times. The last time being today. He wants to raise $1000 Sunday at Loyal Baptist Church.

The time is at 5 o'clock. And, he's is asking individuals or churches or organizations a total number of 200 persons to give $5 a piece for this effort. So, we are going to ask you wherever you are. Whatever influence you may have in your local church or in the community as you see people to ask them to make a contribution to this effort and bring it to Loyal Baptist Church Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock.

Rev. Thomas is preparing a special service for this effort and this money is to go to our lawyers.

I'm going to say this we have a, have got to the point, this is the fourth area, we have got to the point where any future demonstrations that bring about arrests and need court action, the legal defense and educational fund commonly called the Ink Fund will be responsible for paying the attorney's fees and all the cost relative to this. With the exception of fine and so we feel that we are beginning to move out in a little clearer water even though the water is deep.

Now for example, those 16 persons that were arrested on the 10th and the 11th. I think there were 16 persons all together arrested on those two days, the 10th and the 11th.

The trials to the adults came today in the municipal court but the trials of the juveniles will not come in the juvenile and domestic relations court until a social worker connected with the court goes out and makes a report on each one of those persons, but with these cases all of the legal fees intended to them will be paid by the Ink Fund by the NAACP.

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