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Transcription: [00:05:06]
{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
I guess that's about the first time in my life I ever requested a church song
cause I usually listen to all of them
some I like and understand and some I don't like
but I asked for them to sing that song
cause as I sit back there and wondered
had we been living in that day in error
of the Crucifixion of Christ
when it was taking place when it was going on
had we turned and ran the other way
I wondered how we would have felt 20 years later 30 years later
knowing that we weren't there and could have been there
if I could honestly prove beyond a shadow of doubt that I had some kin folks in that same area, in the same location
and they didn't show up to say no more than "I'm with you baby"
I would be ashamed of them, and ashamed of my self.
we going through an era today equally as important.
So amazing how we come to church every day and cry over the Crucifixion of Christ
and we don't cry over these things that's going around among us
when if he was here now, he would cry and take those nails again
for this problem just so happened that in his day in time religion was the big problem
today, same situation, only it's a color

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