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{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"} What do you think would happen to Christ tonight? If he arrived in this town a black man and tried to vote Monday? What do you think would happen? Would you be there? Then how come you not with his kids because he said "Whatever happens to the least happens to us all," and I wonder one day when this final push is over. When the whole world know that this was the work of god. When they sit back in the 19's and sing were you there. I wonder how many of us have to hang our head in shame, how many of us will have hang our heads in shame? Let's analyze this situation, we not saying lets go downtown and take over city hall. We not saying lets stand up on the rooftops and throw bricks at white folks. We not saying lets get some butcher knives and some guns and make em pay for what they've done to us. We saying we want what you said belongs to us. You have a constitution. Me as a black man going to a black school; you make me sit down and take a test on the United States constitution. You have never made me take a test on this Bible; Mama had to give that to me at home. You have kept me in a segregated school, but you make me take a test on a constitution that haven't worked for no one but you and you expect me to learn it from front to back. Are you gonna flunk me? For I learned it even when I didn't wanna learn it

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I did not hear any other voices other than Dick's

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