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{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
and I passed it. You made me stand up as a little kid and sing God bless America; America the beautiful, and all those song the white kids were singing. I pledge my allegiance to the flag.

That's what I'm asking you for today. No negro had anything to do with sitting down and writing the Constitution, so no white man can say we tricked him. He wrote that himself, and he told the whole world about it.

He said it was fair, he said it was just, and he can send your son to war to die for it.

And when you tell me a white man with his corrupt beliefs can come and get your boy and send him to Korea, send him to Germany, to die for something you're not going to be a part of, and a man can get your daughter, can get your son, can get you, to go to jail.

It's unbelievable that his system has warped our minds this much. It's unbelievable you would let your son go and fight in a foreign country for a neighborhood he can't even live in.

But you won't let your kids march, demonstrate, and you won't demonstrate for whats yours. This I can't understand. That's why I am here.

That's what really made me make up my mind.
If America went to war in the morning I am going, because as corrupt as the system is, I dig it. But I'm going. And then I had to stop and think--

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