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{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
if I can subject myself to going to some foreign land and take a chance of being away from my wife, my family, my loved ones, and take a chance on losing my life,

to guarantee some foreigner that's living some place I can't even spell a better way of life than I can my own brothers and sisters, then there must be something wrong with me.

That's when I made my decision to come into the South. Knowing that when I stepped off the plane I could be killed. Knowing that getting involved might mean I wouldn't eat. Knowing that I might go to jail.

But I'll tell you what, I think jail is the best place. Jail is the best place. When a man can take a policeman, that is supposed to be upholding the law, and use them against you, then I think jail is the best place.

We talked about bandits and villains all over the world. We know of none on record that have blown up a church.

Do you realize the incident that happened in Birmingham, the incident that has happened in many places in the South,
if that same incident would have happened

in North Korea, in West Berlin, or South Vietnam, America would have been at war.

And are you ready for this? You would have been upset. Had you read about the Communists blowing up a church, you would have been upset. This when you're scared to even talk about it around white folks.

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