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This you're scared to even talk about around white folks. They had to tell you that Monday how sorry they was.

And I daren't say how many of you made like you didn't even know what had happened.
{SILENCE} This is the problem we have, this is the problem we're faced with.

It's in our hands now. You are the soldier whether you wanted to be the soldier or not.

For some reason you kept saying turn the other cheek, you kept praying to God every time something happened to you, and for some reason or another he believed you.

And as he looked down, out of all the peoples in the world, he had to probably nudge his daddy and say I've been checking up on them for a hundred years and they're the ones.

How do you know? Well look at what they've been going through, let's look at the books. Look at the lynchings, they haven't fought back. Look the shootings, they haven't fought back.

Look at the bad things, Papa, they've gone through. Yeah son, it kinda makes me, reminds me of your story.

In 1963, he probably nodded his head and gave you the ball. And the best thing for us to do is to get ourselves together and either take it or give it back to him.

Take it or give it back to him. I can't believe a parent would worry about a kid being in jail overnight, and then again I can believe I guess.

But how can you worry about a kid being in jail overnight, and can live with him under the system you have to bring him up in. I can understand a white man worrying about his kid being in jail

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