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{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
That's why this man is scared. All at once he realized that I'm not dealing with a dog.

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
A dog he throwing meat. All at once he was dealing with a man and they make tear gas for
men they do-- that's what they make tear gas for-- for men.

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
The sheriff have never gone out and got him a posse for something he knew he couldn't handle.

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
And they never been able to get a posse this large, cos he dealing with truth and when his boy's finished grabbing him, there still gonna be something overflowing but the truth ain't nothing but god.

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
So here's the problem we have, just thank god we got strong enough people that can deal with them.

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
And we strong? Two hundred and fifty thousand negros in Birmingham, had the leaders decided on giving me two thousand negros to demonstrate,

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
and you are the two hundred and forty eight thousand stay at home and at twelve o'clock suddenly turn all your water on and flush your toilet. The firemen's wouldn't have no pressure for the hoses.


{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
That is nothing but pure strength and raw naked power. Twenty-two million negros in America,

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
and the United States has the greatest postal system the world have ever known,

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
and if every negro decided we gonna start a letter writing campaign, and on any given day drop ten letters first class. For every negro in America that would be ten times twenty-two million letters.

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
And the mailboxes the same day we have just paralyzed the greatest postal system the world has ever known. And if you put the wrong address on it you've paralyzed it twice. For the same nickel.

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