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{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
but assists she hadn't impressed nobody down here but these white folks here. You haven't impressed the world because they look down and don't see nothing but kids. Nothing but kids.

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
Whitey's going around town saying 'them oh them negroes happy, they just got some devilish kids they can't control.'

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
And you know what I wonder? When you think about these ids going to jail and you have your reasons for not going. If this town busted open tomorrow morning and a white man walked up and said we want to make you the first negro detective. Would you take it?

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
Or would you use the same excuses with him you're using now? Would you take it?

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
These kids get through going to jail and taking on all this talk and they walk up to you and say 'we want to make you the first negro woman salesman'. would you take it or would you tell em you don't qualify because you didn't get out there and get your head worked?

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
These kids aren't doing anything for themselves, freedom will run all over this town. If they wanted to keep if for themselves they couldn't.

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
Nothing selfish about what they doing for you, but you got to get behind them, because too many of them white folks in front of them.

{SPEAKER name="Dick Gregory"}
When a man looks back and sees something behind him, he don't feel like running because he hasn't got no place to run. Only to his mother back there and it might hurt her. Get behind your kids in this town will you? Please. God bless you. Goodnight.


{SPEAKER name="James Forman"}
Just a moment we want everybody to keep a seat. We're going to be dismissing rather soon.

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