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Transcription: [00:18:14]
{SPEAKER name="Unidentified Speakers "}
[[Have?]] to look at ourselves, probably other people [[?]]

{Audience} yeah [[affirmative]]

I think we need a [[?]] share of faith, and we need it now.

I know, I'm not going to point it, this boy needs to pray?

That's everybody in here, me and them.

I'm talking over here, over here, back there, and back there.

This is a church to pray, and ask God to forgive 'em, to help 'em, to make you stronger,

and to get fear out of your mind.

To ask God to help you make up your mind, that you wanna be free.

You have to say it like you mean it, if you wanna be free.

And help you to fight, this is supposed to be freedom fighting.

I mean freedom fighting!

Ask yourself. Are you a freedom fighter?

Just think. All those years lookin' down in the morgue

And yesterday, day and night you knew! I told you! We were ain't gone do more that day!

But I asked how many people want their freedom? How many people really goin' outta town now? [[yelling]]

Everybody jumped up. Everybody was willing to fight in and really go down town.

Y'all will stay the whole day.

I don't know, do you people feel guilty?

Do you feel bad seeing those people walk down now?

And you not being with? Do you feel bad?[[yelling]]

{Audience} Yes

Transcription Notes:
Unsure if it's freedom fightning, freedom fight or freedom fighter at 19:25

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