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Wednesday, January 22.

Writing in the morning in the afternoon dressed for the Anti Slavery festival. Mr. Phillips came up and gave a generous grasp of the hand. Col. Higginson spoke also a Mr. Farthingham The Redpaths were there Mannie Brown came up and spoke [[strikethrough]] with with [[strikethrough]] also I had a miscegenetic conversation with Mr. Pierce editor of the Watchman and Reflection who introduced me to Mr. Chas K. Whipple of the "Radient". Mr. [[?]] gave me a history of a colored young lady and a young white gentleman who had lived and the prejudices [[?]]

Thursday, January 23

[[?]] I went with Mr. Gray to the [[Meeting]]. Col Higginson spoke so [[?]] Rev. Mr. [[?]][[?]] Fothingham. He is a fine impressive speaker. I heard Stephen C. Foster the greathearted anti Churchman of the Society. I agreed with his church views.  O.B. Alcott the almost infinitesimal man a physical scholar. How spiritual his actual presence. Later Mr. Phillips spoke with the usual effect. His saying: The labor of years is entail on White men and their descendants fix the damage inflicted by them on the black men. Was a startling solution to the problem truth