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Friday, January 24.

Happy day. Feasting on my yesterday's experience at the Anti Slavery meeting.  

Mr Phillips remarks Mr Foster's and Rev Frothingham's still linger.  A Mr Putman gave his vision of American religion as the fear of hell and that all little souls who are cowardly cut for the church hence the poor progress of the church in the cause of freedom.  It was certainly a pleasure to me to be able to sit and listen to these old pioneers of the Anti Slavery warfare

Saturday, January 25.

Clear and cold as usual writing very briskly in the afternoon.  Mr Greener called and criticized for one  
In the eve Messrs Peter Williams of Bros [[?Rbyn]] called Ben Gregory also. [[strikethrough]] In the [[/strikethrough]]
Mathew came today perfectly enthusiastic over his visit to Phil &c  He brought me messages from Laskins.  He is carried away with his lady friends 

Williamsburgh Vg