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[[preprinted]] January 7 [[/preprinted]]
* Mrs Freeman came for butter, Robert, daddy + I to Mol-Tab and then to Dysans. Went to the movies with Judy at Waldorf. Kevin also went. got home 12:45. good time as always good day. called Judy rep.

[[preprinted]] January 8 [[/preprinted]]
Today Mary Robert and I went to church. I then went to see about getting a car. Aunt Grace and family. Billy and Louise. Elta Wilson got married.
good day

[[preprinted]] January 7 - 1810--Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter with his telescope.
1782--First regularly established U. S. bank opened in Philadelphia.
1789--First national presidential election held in U.S.

January 8 - 1776--Thomas Paine published his pamphlet "Common Sense" in the cause of the American Revolution.
1815--Gen. Jackson defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans.
1894--Buildings at Chicago World's Fair burned. [[/page 1]]

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[[preprinted]] January 9 [[/preprinted]]
daddy to Aunt Maggie
I got 1941 Chevrolet from Mr Wheeler.
good day.

[[preprinted]] January 10 [[/preprinted]]
Mary to work as usual. I had to shove car to get started, then went to school. at night we started to school to a basketball game but never got there "car broke down" mad, got home 10:30 good day.

[[preprinted]] January 9 - 1788--Connecticut the 5th state to ratify U.S. Constitution.
1793--First balloon ascension in America took place at Philadelphia.
1861--Steamship "Star of the West," carrying supplies to Fort Sumter, fired on from Charleston S. C.
1945--American troops invade island of Luzon.

January 10 - 1805--Tailors in New York formed first American labor union.
1889--Suspension bridge at Niagara Falls collapsed.
1920--League of Nations formed by Treaty of Versailles. [[/preprinted]] [[/page 2]]
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