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MAY 18
Thursday fair day. raining in afternoon and night the level out front was laying in water about 9 oclock P.M. rained hard. flood, almost. men striped tobacco all day. Robert and I to school, saw Judy at school, Mary to work as usual.

MAY 19
Friday good day all day. Robert and I went to school. men striped tobacco all day, went from Md, Job, Growers brought new tobacco plants in the afternoon. I went over to Luis E. at night, got home 10:30 P.M. Hot, called Judy up at night.

May 18--1822--Iturbide announced himself Mexican emperor.
        1898--Peace conference met at The Hague, Holland.
        1914--Panama Canal opened for regular barge traffic.
May 19--1795--James Boswell, biographer of Samuel Johnson, died in England.
        1815--U.S. began its 7th naval campaign to punish the Barbary pirates 
of Algiers.
        1865--Jefferson Davis imprisoned in Fortress Monroe, Va.

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MAY 20
Saturday good day all day, halled Tobacco from down on other place with tractor and truck. men worked 1/2 a day, Barbara N. and I about to the movies at Waldorf. up to kents and also via's in the afternoon. Joe striped Tobacco. Hot. [[strikethrough]] called [[/strikethrough]]

MAY 21
Sunday Good day all day, Robert, Mary & I went to church, nobody came all day, I went up to Via's in the morning, after church. called Judy up at night, made marks for marking off tobacco rows, Hot. over on other place.

May 20--1536--Henry VIII married Jane Seymour, his 3rd wife.
        1895--U.S. Supreme Court declared income tax unconstitutional.
        1902--U.S. released Cuba to her own government as a republic.

May 21--1867--Unity of Canada proclaimed by the British.
        1927--Lindbergh reached Paris, completing the first nonstop solo flight 
across the Atlantic.
        1932--Amelia Earhart completed the first transatlantic solo flight to 
be made by a woman.
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