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[[preprinted]] October 13 [[/preprinted]]

Friday Good day all day. I stayed home + [[disk?]] land + raked + baled hay [[?]] by [[Billing?]] barn. Mr & Mrs Via Admia [[??]] Mae & Bob over here after school to see barn work. Baled 224 bales in 70 min. [[??]] seeded wheat and I did not go anywhere at night. [[??]] bought 5 tons [[??]]

[[preprinted]] October 14 [[/preprinted]]

Saturday fair day all day. Got hs hay, formed wheat. Bob came & got 8 bushels of wheat $16.00. Mr Swan got it too. plowed land. Helped bag. Mr Bird got 2 too. Carrol came & got hay. I called Adnia [[?]] Mae up & went up there at night, had good time. 

[[preprinted]] October 13 - 1815 -Napolean landed on St. Helena to begin his exile.
1905 - Sir Henry Irving, famous actor, died.
1919 - President of France signed the ratification of the peach treaty.

October 14 - 1586 - Trial of Mary Queen of Scots began in England.
1842 - Completion of Croton Aqueduct celebrated in N.Y.
1918 - President Wilson demanded the end of autocracy as the price of peace. [[/preprinted]]

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[[preprinted]] OCTOBER 15 [[/preprinted]]
Sunday. Good day all day. Mary & I went to Aunt Lucys to get table leaves. Mr Srinle [[??]] & wife at night. I went to see Adnia [[??]] Mae in afternoon. Robert & [[??]] to fair. Karl Bob &Philip Lange over here. 

[[preprinted]] OCTOBER 16 [[/preprinted]]
Monday. Good day all day. I did not go to school. Called Adnia [[?]] Mae up at night. Seeded wheat & cut hay. Mr & Mrs Via in morning to get wheat. Cut my hand over an other place & [[??]] in  medan. [[??]] [[??]] at night.

[[preprinted]] October 15 - 1840 - Napoleon's remails removed from St. Helena to Paris.
1910 - Episcopal Church declined to drop "Protestant" from its name.
1915 - Serbia declared war on Bulgaria.

October 16 - 1758 - Noah Webster born in Hartford, Conn.
1793 - Marie Antoinette executed in France.
1859 - John Brown invaded Virginia in a radi to free slaves. [[/preprinted]]

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Transcription Notes:
October 13 -- looks like it should be 4 tons for the final sentence

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