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January, Garnet, Constancy, Fidelity
February, Amethyst, Sincerity
*March, Bloodstone, Courage, Truthfulness
*April, Diamond, Innocence
May, Emerald, Happiness
June, Pearl, Health, Long Life
July, Ruby, Contentment
August, Sardonyx, Felicity
September, Sapphire, Wisdom
October, Opal, Hope
November, Topaz, Fidelity
December, Turquoise, Prosperity, Success

Day, Stone
Sunday, Topaz and Diamond
Monday, Pearl and Crystal
Tuesday, Ruby and Emerald
Wednesday, Amethyst and Loadstone
Thursday, Sapphire and Carnelian
Friday, Emerald and Cat's Eye
Saturday, Turquoise and Diamond

January, snowdrop
February, violet
*March, daffodil
*April, primrose
June, wild rose
July, carnation
August, white heather
September, Michaelmas daisy
October, rosemary
November, chrysanthemum
December, ivy

First, Cotton
Second, Paper
Third, Leather
Fifth, Wooden
Seventh, Woolen
Tenth, Tin
Twelfth, Silk and Linen
Fifteenth, Crystal
twentieth, China
Twenty-fifth, Silver
Thirtieth, Pearl
Fortieth, Ruby
Fiftieth, Golden

State, Flower, Bird
Alabama, Goldenrod, Flicker
Arizona, Sahuaro Cactus, Cactus wren
Arkansas, Apple blossom, Mockingbird
California, Golden poppy, Valley quail
Colorado, Columbine, Lark bunting
Connecticut, Mountain laurel, Ruby-crowned kinglet
Delaware, Peach blossom, Cardinal
District of Columbia, American beauty rose, Wood thrush
Florida, Orange blossom, Mockingbird
Georgia, Cherokee rose, Brown thrasher
Idaho, Syringa, Mountain bluebird
Illinois, Wood violet, Cardinal
Indiana, Zinnia, Cardinal
Iowa, Wild rose, Eastern goldfinch
Kansas, Sunflower, Western meadowlark
Kentucky, Goldenrod, Cardinal
Louisiana, Magnolia, Brown pelican
Maine, Pine cone and tassel, Chickadee
[[Star drawn]] Maryland, Black-eyed Susan, Baltimore oriole
Massachusetts, Mayflower, Veery
Michigan, Apple blossom, Robin,
Minnesota, Moccasin flower, Goldfinch
Mississippi, Magnolia, Mockingbird
Missouri, Hawthorn, Bluebird
Montana, Bitter root, Meadowlark
Nebraska, Goldenrod, Western meadowlark
Nevada, Sagebrush, Mountain bluebird
New Hampshire, Purple lilac, Purple finch
New Jersey, Violet, Eastern goldfinch
New Mexico, Yucca, Road runner
New York, Rose, Bluebird
North Carolina, Goldenrod, Carolina chickadee
North Dakota, Wild prairie rose, Western meadowlark
Ohio, Scarlet carnation, Cardinal
Oklahoma, Mistletoe, Bobwhite
Oregon, Oregon grape, Western meadowlark
Pennsylvania, Mountain laurel, Ruffed grouse
Rhode Island, Violet, Bobwhite
South Carolina, Yellow jessamine, Carolina wren
South Dakota, Pasque flower, Western meadowlark
Tennessee, Iris, Mockingbird
Texas, Bluebonnet, Mockingbird
Utah, Sego lily, California gull
Vermont, Red clover, Hermit thrush
Virginia, American dogwood, Robin
Washington, Rhododendron, Willow goldfinch
West Virginia, Rhododendron, Tufted titmouse
Wisconsin, Violet, Robin
Wyoming, Indian paint brush, Meadowlark
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