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[[photo of Diana Rigg]]  DIANA RIGG
about my age. When I play 18 or 20-year-Célimene is 20-- I throw myself in the mercy of the audience."

In our current time of unemployment, famine and war, we skulk about in search for comfort. And comfort comes in many guises, one which is familiarity. It is soothing, as well as exhilirating, to see a radiant Ingrid Bergman on stage in [[italics]] Ingrid Bergman on stage in The Constant Wife, and then go home and see her on television in a re-run of the classic Casablanca. It is a comfortable recognition born from years of watching a brilliant actress perfect her craft. And four-time Tony winner Julie Harris, who earned kudos this season as the dying wife in In Praise of Love, point out, "Older people last because they have the experience. The Lunts goy better and better-it was never a question of their getting worse. We all wanted to see them, so when they did The Visit, they could take it all over the world."
In the past, Broadway audiences clamored for Lunts or Katherine Cornell or the Barrymore. They are as demanding now as they were then. Though fed by the movies and television, they still hunger for high quality on the stage. And there is no question that there is a particular excitement to be had in watching at the theatre one's cherished celluloid vision in the 
[[photo of Julie Harris]] JULIE HARRIS

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Kodak Reg. T.M.
KODEL ® polyester the fiber of American life
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United Merchants
1407 Boradway New York, N.Y. 10018 (212)564-6000.
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