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[[image - two Chrysler Sebrings]]

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The Chrysler Sebrings
The most
compelling reason yet
for wanting to be
in two places
at the same time.

Two of them. Only one of you. Pity. So how do you choose? The Sebring LXi Coupe offers an irresistible blend of luxury and sporty attributes. While the Sebring Limited Convertible offers the rare combination of convertible excitement with year-round capability. Consider what the two have in common and the decision definitely doesn't get any easier. Rich, leather-trimmed interiors, multi-value V6 engines, race-inspired suspensions, a surprising amount of interior and trunk space. If more information will help make your decision, we suggest you call 1.800.CHRYSLER or visit Or, if you prefer, stop in for a test-drive. But, please, one Sebring at a time.

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