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[[image, top left page]] Two whopping stage successes that failed as films were Mary, Mary (left) and More Schary's Sunrise At Campobello (opposite).

[[image, bottom left page]] the "everything look" for the girls with the flying hair—who admire Griffith and Truffaut and put up their own boysenberry jam... head-to-heel Weeds—baby hats—small smoothie smocks—suede yokes and collars—funnel sleeves—butternut and porcelain—curry and pepper—plaids and giant checks—long woolen legs—grilled in sued by GOLO. for running around in by Erika Elias Weeds 1407 Broadway, New York

in which we live. Our audiences, sedated by the stream of entertainment on television, stay at home, shoeless, relaxed on coach, sipping a cold drink, venturing out only to those films or plays that are the twenty-four karat, solid gold Cadillacs. They hardly see the Fords go by. What seems to have disappeared from Hollywood, with the exceptions all of us can note, is originality. It has been replaced with insurance of big names, large budgets, large screens and sensationalism. What seems to have disappeared from Broadway are the plays. To a large degree, they have been replaced with shows. And here again, some originality is gone. There is a surfeit of adaptations of successful books and plays believed to be suitable for transformation into musicals. Both poles of the entertainment continent seem to have lost some of their hope, optimize, affirmation and with that, have lost some of their audience. It is possible, because of the world which we have made, that T.V., in its curious shotgun fashion, deals with a make-believe life that our audiences relate to more easily and certainly more cheaply. But hope springs eternal in this optimistic chest. No Cassandra me. I know that a pride of writing lions, young and old, are working busily on new plays which will find their place. Despite rising costs, labor disputes, audience indifference and some main-chance producers, it remains true that in the beginning there was the word and in the end there is the word and the word will triumph. Films are magical, T.V. is convenient and sometimes urgent, but nothing in the world of communication and dramatic art can ever replace the excitement of watching a curtain rise revealing a stage on which real people act out a play in the most demanding arena—the theatre.

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[[3 images, bottom right page]] Luxury cruises
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You expect the most service form the largest fleet servicing the Caribbean and the Americas exclusively 13-day Caribbean luxury cruises on Santa Rosa and Santa Paula, 26-day Casual cruises to the Panama Canal and Pacific Coast of South America. 24 to 26-day Caribbean Vagabond cruises, 40-day Vagabond voyages to Chile. See a Travel Agent. Grace Line, 3 Hanover Sq., Digby 4-6000, or 628 Fifth Ave. (Rockefeller Center) Circle 7-3684, New York. [[image]]
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