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Gordon Makes The Difference
Two pretty sports looks. Reversible wrap skirt, about $32. Knit roll sleeve tee shirt, about $15.

At B. Altman & Co., all stores, and fine specialty stores everywhere, or write Gordon of Philadelphia, 1410 Broadway, N.Y. 10018.

A Chromalloy Company

sentative. "We try to get a lot of exposure 'up front' to push advance ticket sales. And in as many places as possible. A cast member who cooks with a wok might get us a mention in the women's pages." Obviously ticket sales are boosted if the show has a superstar like Gleason with a loving following of his own. "A superstar is like an insurance policy," says Bernard Jacobs.
Once the tour is rolling the general manager and company manager handle the day to day problems with which the road is fraught. Sly Fox's general manager is Eugene V. Wolsk. The company manager is Charles Willard. He's the one who gets the "I need six tickets for my cousins in Cincinnati...I need a doctor...where's the truck with the costumes?"

Wolsk believes that a manager's responsibilities fall into two categories - personnel matters (for example, an actor who is unhappy with his billing or his dressing room) and financial matters ("making sure the company doesn't get ripped off"). To insure "the integrity of the box office," at the end of each performance the company manager and a representative of the theatre count out all the ticket stubs which have been slipped into a locked strong box. The stubs plus any unsold tickets should equal the house capacity. "And a good manager," says Bernard Jacobs with quiet sagacity, "has actually counted the seats."
Wolsk finds the road much tougher today. "Theatres and hotels may no longer be in the same downtown area. With the decline of railroads, we move sets and costumes by truck and consequently have to worry more about storms and blizzards delaying them. Audiences everywhere know good theatre now and have higher expectations. You used to be able to send a company out with six drops and 'go up' in a town in four hours. Now we hope we can get the stage mounted in eight hours."
Still for everyone connected with a national touring company there are rewards. For the actors it's work for at Equity minimum of $355 a week plus $192.50 for meals and lodging and guaranteed transportation. For the management there is the hope of more than $1 million in profit, and for everybody there is the enriching experience audiences across our country.

We've got a floor for you!
Juniors, February is your lucky month at Macy's Herald Square 7 big days a week. (Sundays Noon to 5 P.M.) The totally new junior floor is finally finished and it's ready to warm your heart and brighten your spirit with new things to do, wear, try.
THE SELF CENTER is a very healthy shop filled with organic goodies, vitamins, and beauty aids that are really good for you. Super nutritious snacks here too (and we've even chilled the Perrier water!). Soon there will also be a Self Center for Hair from the Glemby people so you can totally renew yourself.
SHAPE-UP AT MACY'S is the shop stocked with super exercise and sport stuff to make you feel as great as you look.
THE FOURTH FLOOR is two full acres devoted to juniors of all ages...Whatever your lifestyle, we've got a shop for you.
PERSPECTIVES is the place to pull your act together and find clothes that are junior in size...contemporary in style.
SPECTRUM is where only the latest contemporary trends "hang out". Many are from Europe; all are from "to die".
THE 34TH ST. SUPPLY CO. is where the "jean generation" will want to live. It's stocked with thousands of your favorite denim plenty of new "toppings" in knit, gauze, whatever.
VINTAGE CLOTHING sports real finds from the 50's (think poodle skirts and appliqued cardigans) and the 40's (draped afternoon "frocks"). A fashion gold-mine of memories.
STAGELIGHT COSMETICS will put you in the spotlight with a whole new look. THE FACE FACTORY is the "bar" where you can blend, mix and match to create your own individual looks.
ALSO ON THE "DON'T MISS LIST". JR. LINGERIE, where fashion starts from the skin side out. See slinky, sexy "taps", teddies, Bare Minimums, plus sensuous sleepwear and luscious at-home looks your Valentine will love.
LITTLE THINGS MEAN SO MUCH that's why you'll find a whole world of junior accessories on 4.
THE POSTER GALLERY: come collect your favorites at pin-money process.
THE AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD is accepted along with the Macy's charge.

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