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Notes from The League
What does the Audience Think?

The whys and why not of theatre-going— what prevents an otherwise eager theatre enthusiast from attending and what can be done about it—
are under continuing study by the League of American Theatres and Producers.
 As an industry, theatre last season had 25 million customers nationwide and, for the first time, achieved billion-dollar status. The League recently completed a survey of 1,300 theatregoers, tourists and non-theatregoers—the last category comprising those who were interested in attending but for one reason or another held back. The survey aimed to discover ways to reduce resistance to attendance and to make it easier to go to the theatre.
 Since theatre qualifies today in annual revenue to join the ranks of Fortune's 500, The League recognizes that theatre can no longer rest on tradition and old habits. "We know we have a problem," said George Wachtel, Director of Research at The League. "We have been doing business in a very traditional way."
 The survey will help change that—and make theatre-going easier, more enjoyable. Under
Mr. Wachtel The League, of course, researches the audience regularly. In the course of con-
ducting surveys of 100 shows, it has discovered that 49 percent of Broadway ticket buyers are visitors from outside the Greater New York area and that this figure climbs to 75 percent in peak visitor seasons.
 From this group half purchase tickets to at least one show well before they reach town,
although they may elect to see more theatre once they're here. But what makes them come and miss Broadway's unparalleled theatre-going possibilities? There's the lack of adequate
information, uncertainty about the wheres and hows of transportation, distrust of entering the teeming theatre district, confusion about how to go about buying tickets, box-office intimidation and more.
 Some answers to these questions obviously exist, and others are being worked out. As a result of the survey, The League is now armed with the knowledge that the enjoyment of theatre-going (or non-enjoyment) begins well before the usher leads the customer down the aisle to his or her seat. It begins with eager (or reluctant) anticipation. How do you put the evening together: Where do you park, where do you eat?
 All theatres offer discount parking opportunities. All you have to do is look on your ticket envelope. The Times Square B.I.D. (Business Improvement District) puts out a free Restaurant Guide obtainable by calling (212) 969-0034. The League is considering publication of its own rated guide to restaurants in the district.
 There's always a need for more information about theatre. But a lot exists. The League's Broadway Theatre Guide, published bimonthly, is distributed free to all theatres and hotels, and is available at other visitor points. It even tells you the running time of each show.
 For quick and very current data on shows, there's The League's Broadway Line for all Broadway shows (212) 563-BWAY (2929) and Theatre Development Fund's NYC/ONSTAGE for city performing arts across the board (212) 768-1818. The League will shortly install an 800 number for the Broadway Line.
 Ticket availability is always a question: Is the show sold out or can I get to see it? The Sunday New York Times City Section, based on information supplied by The League, has begun publishing a table on the availability of tickets.
 Further information on what's playing on Broadway is available on dedicated cable stations in hotels such as the Broadway Previews program on the Welcome USA channel.
 The survey, conducted for The League by the StrataTech Group, also showed continuing concern about safety and crime. Actually, crime is down markedly in the Times Square area, thanks in part to the supplementary patrols of the B.I.D.'s own force and its highly successful and continuing efforts to keep Times Square bright and clean.
 As for transportation, one solution might be shuttle buses from the theatre district to Grand Central and to the LIRR, and that possibility is being explored.
 When the customer steps up to the box office, a lot depends on the helpfulness of the person on the other side of the counter. How to make theatre-going a friendlier experience at the point of purchase will be the subject of a training program for ushers and box-office personnel to be run by the theatre chains in cooperation with The League.
 These are just some areas to which the survey points. The League will continue exploring ways to make theatre-going simpler, easier, less intimidating, more enjoyable.


Playbill is pleased to make this space available to The League of American Theatres and Producers. The opinions expressed herein are those of The League and not necessarily those of Playbill.


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