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[[two thuds]]

{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} [[Speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Selma Salhaney"}
[[Confirming her name]]
{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"}
[[Repeating the pronunciation of Selma Salhaney's name back to her]]

[[Speaking in Arabic]]


[[Speaking in Arabic]]

[[Dr. Naff asks Selma when she arrived in America]]
{SPEAKER name="Selma Salhaney"} nineteen ten
{SPEAKER name="Unknown Speaker"} nineteen ten

[[Speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Unknown Speaker"} both talking
{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} That's alright

[Speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Unknown Speaker"} I know, I know
{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} Very informal

[[Speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} Wonderful

[[Speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Unknown Speaker"} um, thirty, thirty four years, thirty five years old I believe --
{SPEAKER name="Selma Salhaney"} thirty four
{SPEAKER name="Unknown Speaker"} Yeah, and we have been here for - [[recording cuts out]]

{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} Uh, hi

[[Speaking in Arabic]]


{SPEAKER name="Selma Salhaney"} Government Turkey
{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} Yes, I know.

[[3 women speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} Wonderful

[[Speaking in Arabic]]

[[Recording cuts off. New recording starts]]

[[Speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Unknown Speaker"} Nobody likes [[Jamille?]]
{SPEAKER name="Selma Salhaney"} no no, nobody likes [[Jamille?]]

[[Speaking in Arabic]]

[New recording starts]]

[[Speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} Well, thank you.

{SPEAKER name="Unknown"} Before you go [[inaudible]]

[[recording cuts out]]

[[one thud]]

{SPEAKER name="Unknown"} [[Speaking in Arabic]] Grand Rapids

[[Speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Selma Salhaney"} You play cards and everything

{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} Wonderful

{SPEAKER name="Dr. Naff"} Very good, very good

[[Speaking in Arabic]]

{SPEAKER name="Unknown"} She tells a story just like my father, exactly!

[[Speaking in Arabic]]


[[Speaking in Arabic]]

Transcription Notes:
PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT FOR REVIEW OR APPROVAL IF YOU ARE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND AND TRANSCRIBE ARABIC. Conversation seems to be informative, use of emotional phrases More than 2 being interviewed, can't catch the name of the 2nd person being interviewed

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