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one Regulus calendula. Red Wingd Blkbd-Yellowhead (1 seen) Scolecophagus cyanoecephalus Red W. & [[?]] common in town. flock of over 100 of former in single tree.


Saw one Junco [[?]] in town. The traps we set yesterday brought in over 20 Ochetodon [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] which were abundant in tall groves about corn field near town. They were living in holes like old holes of small species of Dipodomys. We took several of the latter in the weedy patch next the corn field.

A single Thomomys taken last eve. is much darker than those taken at [[strikethrough]] late [[/strikethrough]] Keeler. Moved from town & made camp on bank of Owens Riv. just below bridge leading to R.R. station

It was dark & cold when we got into camp.

Very cold when we arose at day break. Shot a Bittern at dawn in front of camp. Several flocks of mallards passed over camp & 3 Mergus serrator passed up