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in the sandhills as I examined my traps this morning.

Early in the morning the sky was covered with haze and stratus clouds backed up behind Mt Whitney while snow banner was seen on the surrounding peaks. Bailey took some very large arvicolas near the river bank below camp. Took several of the dark thomomys and fair [[Hespeponeys?]]. Also one Tamias [[leueunes?]]. This was

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taken in a hole in the clay bluff facing the river. One of these holes had a little pile of net-like dung and some leaves & twigs scattered before it in a little pile so that I mistook it for a [[strikethrough]] nit [[/strikethrough]] Neotoma at first. I afterwards examined other low bluffs along the river and found that these tamias frequented them wherever they afforded holes & crannies for shelter.
Set two traps for a lynx that took some mice from my

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