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along the line of greatest depression there for 2 or 3 miles! On the [[strikethrough]] la [[/strikethrough]] pond [[strikethrough]] nex [[/strikethrough]] nearest the hills I saw great numbers of Coots, Mallards, Spoonbills, and Greater Yellow-legs. Also 1 Bonapartes Gull & several Ring Bills 1 Blue Heron 1 Avocet 1 Sparrow Hawk seen on tree in town, several Kildeers, & 1 Wilsons snipe Several Golden Eye and Butterball ducks and the small plain colored Gorbs so common on Owens Lake but which I have not identified positively yet. 

I found Arvicola runways along the willow hedges bordering the wet meadows and also in some of the tules patches where the tules grew on wet banks in the field or up the granite walled canon I went up into the hills. A clear brook ran out of this canon and among the granite boulders & crevices of its walls. I found many signs of Neotomas & set traps. Some