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Articles of Agreement made and concluded this 27th day of December 1865 by and between Richard H. Watson of the first part and Robert Ross, Rilter Jas, Arthur & Jackson freedman of the second part, whereby it is agreed and covenanted as follows: 
For and in consideration of the payments hereinafter agreed to be paid, the said R. R. and family freedman agreed and binds himself to work as a plantation laborer from 1st January 1866, to 1st January 1867, on the plantation of the said [[R Watson?]] in Yazoo County Mississippi. He agrees and binds himself to render to said party of the first part, during the period of one year, as before stated, respectful, obedient and faithful labor; from sun rise until sen set, each day under such plantation regulations as the party of the first part shall make, not inconsistent with the provisions of this contract or the rules and regulations of the freedman's bureau.
In consideration of the faithful performance of his contract by the said R. R & family freedman. party of the second part, the said Watson party of the first part offers and binds himself to pay to said R. R & family freedman at the rate of $ R. R $12, wife $10, Jas Arthur $8, Jackson $3, Mary [[Jane?]] $10,00 per month, with rations of 4 pounds of meat, 1 peck of meal, 1 pint of molasses and   pounds of salt per week. [[strikethrough]] One  of said wages to be paid quarterly on 1st of April, 1st of July, 1st of October 1866, and the remainder on or before the 1st of January 1867. [[/strikethrough]] The said Watson party of the first part, agrees to furnish the said R. R + family party of the second part free of charge, during his continuance to labor, good and sufficient quarters and fuel. He also agrees to keep constantly on hand meat, meal, molasses and salt, which he binds himself to furnish to said R. R + family freedman, in such quantities as he may need for his own use, at a price not exceeding the cost to the part of the first part.
There shall be no labor required of said R. R & family freedman from 12 M Saturday until Monday morning, except the care of stock and other necessary labor. excepting cotton picking & scraping [[?]]. It is further agreed, that in case the party of the first shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with any of the obligations assumed to said R. R + family freedman, or shall be guilty of cruelty to him, this contract shall be considered liable to annulment in addition to legal remedies left to said freedman. And in case the said R. R & family freedman shall voluntarily absent himself from or shall neglect or refuse to perform the labor herein contracted for, the said Watson party of the first part shall have the right to discharge the said R. R & family freedman party of the second part and [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] all wages due the said party of the second part shall be forfeited  to said party of the first part as damages for non-performance of contract as part of said party of the second part.
It is furthermore agreed that any wages due the said freedman under this agreement shall constitute a lien on the crop raised on the place aforesaid.
R. H. Watson

In witness whereof the parties have hereunto affixed their hands and seals this 27 day of Decr 1865
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