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Abram Anderson's Acct for the year 1866
[[4 columned table]]
|Jan. 25th||3.50|7.00|
|Oct 5th||2.75|5.50|
|Oct 5th| Bib Gown|   |14.00|
|Nov.8|Order Lo L Newberger|   |12.50| 
|Dec 20|Public & Personal Tax|   |3.00|
|Dec 20|Baggin & Rope|   |4.00|
|Dec 20|Dr. Clark for Md attention John family|   |21.00|
|Dec 20|6 months loss Time for his family|18 dollars pr M|108.00|
|   |   |   |βΈ»|
|   |   |   |175.00|

Abram had his oldest boy to leave me in the fall during cotton picking season and he refused to bring him back and according to contract I could not pay him any thing he was owing me enough to take his part of the crop separate from the account that I sent you this Acct is for Abrams Family those who did not leave, the cotton crop that was made by Abrams family and my self was 2700 lbs of Lint two third of which is 900 now if this boy of Abrams had not left they would have been entitled to 4 shares of the 900 lbs but as he left he was entitled only to 3 shares those being 5 shares to come out of the 900 lbs so that leaves Abram entitled only to 3 shares which amounts to 510 lbs of wet cotton which at 26 1/2 cts would make $143 10/100 which you see leaves him in my debt $31 90/100 as to the corn that was made by his family and my self 3.60 Bush and if his boy had remained with me as I stated before they would have been entitled 4 shares but as he 

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