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May 10th., 1943.

Dear Mr. Garbaty:

Many thanks for your little note of May 7th., which only reached me this morning.

In view of what you write I am wondering whether we couldn't arrange for me to take my client to your apartment. It would have the advantage of his seeing your other Dutch paintings, in which, of course, he might also be interested.

The reason I suggest doing this now, instead of waiting until the Fall as you propose, is that this gentleman is not from the United States and there is always the possibility of his leaving the country. We might also be faced with the fact that he will have spent all his available cash! Furthermore, you will admit that with a war on of this magnitude, a great many things might happen between now and the Fall - and I personally am definitely in favor of doing today what can be done today.

May I also point out to you that even after my client will have seen the paintings, you will still be "in the driver's seat" as you won't be committed to anything.

Looking forward to hearing from you and with personal regards,

                Yours very sincerely,

Eugene L. Garbáty, Esq.,
East Norwalk, Conn.

(Germain Séligmann)