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Stuttgart, Germany June 15, 1953

Mr. Germain Seligman
c/o The Bond Wheelwright Company
145 East 63rd Street 
New York 21, N.Y.

Dear Mr. Seligman:

In the course of our work we recently read a very favorable review of your book entitled "Oh! Fickle Taste or Objectivity in Art". Being convinced that this book would be of great value to our Library, we are very eager to get it.

The George Washington Memorial Library at Stuttgart was founded to commemorate Washington's 200th birthday. After having been destroyed during an air raid in 1944, it has been officially reopened in 1951. We endeavor to make it a reservoir of knowledge about the United States. Thus we specialize, more than any other library in Germany we know of, in books, periodicals, and other publication dealing with American history, geography, biography, politics, economics, natural sciences, philosophy, art, literature, fiction, and other aspects of the American scene. The books and periodicals our library has accumulated up to now were for the greatest part donated to us by American authors, editors, publishers, libraries, institutes, etc. They are at the disposal of everybody regardless of nationality, race or religion. No fees are charged, the objective of the Library being to promote the understanding of American thought and the American way of life.

Since up to now we are not endowed with funds enabling us to acquire books or other publications, we beg you to assist us in our work by sending us a free copy of your book "Oh! Fickle Taste or Objectivity in Art."

Our interest in your work will continue to be keen, whether or no you will find  it possible to comply with our request.

Yours very truly,

S/ (Prof. Dr. P. Gehring
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