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30th Match 1861
M.A. Briggs
John Roberts

State of Louisiana
Parish of Orleans
Be it known that on this the thirtieth day of the month of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty one-------
Before me John French Coffey a notary public in and for the Parish of Orleans, state aforesaid, duly commissioned and sworn.
Personally appeared Martha Augusta Richey, of lawful age, of the fourth district of the city of New Orleans, the wife of Frederick Alphonso Briggs, and herein aided and authorized by him, who declared that for and in consideration of the price and sum of Eleven hundred and fifty dollars($1150) cash to her in hand paid at the execution hereof by James Roberts, of the City of Jefferson, in the Parish of Jefferson, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged: she does by these presents Bargain, Sell, Convey and Deliver, with all lawful warranties, and especially against the Redhibitory vices, maladies, and defects prescribed by the laws of the state of Louisiana, unto the said James Roberts, here present and accepting and purchasing for himself his heirs and assigns and acknowledging delivery and possession thereof, the following des-