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September 22, 1959

Dear Mr. Harvard:

I am writing in connection with the pamphlet you were good enough to forward to me last spring on the "Portrait of Isabela Bourbon". It has occurred to me that, if I called the attention of some museum director in this country to the painting, he would ask also for the x-ray photographs mentioned in this article; and thus my first question is whether such x-ray photographs are available and could be forwarded to me should the necessity arise. ?

The second point I wish to raise is, should such a museum official be seriously interested, I would need an option giving me an exclusivity and sole right to negotiate such sale and this for a comparatively lengthy period of time - based on my experience in similar matters. Could such an option be given and by whom? If I remember correctly, you explained to me that this painting still belonged to an estate, and I am wondering, therefore, whether such option should not be granted by the executors. ?

And at last, should we ever get this far, could this painting be shipped to the United States for examination at the expense of the estate and insured in such a manner that neither the interested museum nor my firm or myself would be liable for any damage that would occur. You will understand, of course, that we remain in the hypothetical for, so far, I have neither approached anybody, nor have I any definite party in mind for the time being. But these different angles and matters would have to be solved ahead.

Before closing, let me add that it would be sound business were you able to tell me with which museums in this country you have already been in touch in connection with this painting as, from all angles, it would be a great mistake to broach the subject anew, besides a considerable waste of time this would represent.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours very sincerely,

Germain Seligman

Michael Harvard, Esq.
5 Rutland Gate Mews
London S W  7, England

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