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Francis Kohlman, Esq. 
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel 
New York,N.Y. 

October 21st, 1935. 


A portrait of the English School of the 18th century by George ROMNEY (1734-1802). 
"Portrait of Mrs. Methuen" 
This model is seen in a half length portrait, seated, her hands crossed. Her head is slightly inclined to the left, and she weare a large black hat. Her dress of white satin relieved with a mauve sash. The book by Humphrey Ward a W. Roberts on ROMNEY gives the following details:"Matilda, elder daughter of Sir Thomas [[?]] Gooch of Benacre, Suffolk, Married April 20th, 1776, Paul Cobb Methuen, Esq.(.V.); died Dec. 6, 1826, In the "rough lists" complied by the Rev. John Romney, son of the artist, the portrait is mentioned as having been painted in 1783, with the additional details: Half-figure, looking to the right in white dress with large black hat. Canvas 29 x 24. Sittings etc. 1784, Feb. 27, March 19, 22, April 2.7. June17. 1784, Jan.19, 'Mrs. Methuen's picture to be sent to Lord Boston's within three weeks'. Now the property of the Rev. T. P. Methuen, 7Somerset Place,,Bath"(This portrait of Mrs. Methuen, as well as that of her oldest son, Paul Cobb Methuen, who was raised to the peerage in 1838, was given to the fatherof the present owner by a Lord Boston who probably died around 1830).
The portrait passed from he possession of the Rev. T. P. Methuen into the Gifford Cochran Collection, New York, from which it was directly aequired. 

Hight: 302 Width: 25" 
Price $30,000 
(Thirty Thousand Dollars) 

Terms of Payment: $2,500. cash.     
$5,000. in January, 1936 
Balance of $22,000. before March 1st, 1936. 
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