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November 27th:
Rasmussen, Mrs. George (wire) Chicago CT
McIlhenny, Henry P. Philadelphia CMH
Godwin, Blake-More Toledo CT
Zeitlin, Jake Los Angeles RML
Brown, John Nicholas Providence CMH
Aldrich, Miss Lucy " CMH
Fuller, Hon. Alvan T. Boston CMH
Fuller, Gilbert E. " CMH
Chapin, Horace D. " CMH
Guiot, Marcel " CMH
Wing, Mrs. Wilson G. Providence CMH

November 28th:
Bliss, Mrs. Robert Woods Georgetown RS
Wehle, Harry B. New York GS
Pach, Walter " GS
Thatcher, John S. " RML
Hartford, George Huntington " RS
Baldwin, Martin Toronto CT
Rasmussen, Mrs, George Chicago CT

November 30th:
Bernheim, Jean Paris CMH
McIlhenny, Herny P. Philadelphia CMH
Greene, Edward Cleveland CMH
Moorepark, Howard Hollywood RML
Kimball, Fiske Philadelphia CMH
Standen, Miss Edith Elkins Park GS
Matisse, Pierre New York GS
Hanna, Leonard C. Jr. " GS
Warburg, Mr. & Mrs. James P. " GS
Warburg, Edward M. M " GS
Wertheim, Maurice " GS
Lewisohn, Sam A. " GS
Harriman, Mrs. Maria " GS
Goodyear, A. Conger " GS
Rasmussen, Mrs. George Chicago CT
Leicester Galleries London CMH

December 1st:
Loeb, Pierre Paris CMH
Goodspeed, Mrs. Charles B. Chicago GS
Brewster, Walter S. " GS
Taylor, Francis Worcester GS 
Phillips, Duncan Washington GS
Godwin, Blake-More Toledo GS 
Marceau, Henri Philadelphia GS 
Williken, William M. Cleavland GS
Washburn, Gordon Buffalo GS
Hershe, Robert B. Chicago GS
Moore, Mrs. Gertrude Herdle Rochester GS
Bell, George A. Muncie CT 
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