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4 ALISTER MATHEWS, 12, Eaton Road, Branksome Park, Poole (Dorset).


Sir William Wolseley of Wolseley Hall, Staffs., her third husband was John Robins, M.P. for Stafford: her fourth husband was Mr. Hargrave (attorney, father of the editor of State Trials). The novel proved so embarrassing (as the disguises were of the thinnest nature) to the families concerned, that they did all they could to buy up & destroy as many copies as possible: Ann was a  very successful adventuress. The Reverend A. Corne, who was mixed up in the affair, died of a broken heart at Tixall. Lowndes 2769. On title-page is the neat signature of Mary Wolryche.

63. (Sport) Poetae latini rei venaticae scriptores (Gratii £5
Falisci, M. Aurelii Olympii Nemesiani cynegeticon, halieuticon & de aucupio (+ bucolica), edited by G. Kempher, Leyden & The Hague 1728. 4to, parchment boards blind-stamped, fine. Schwerdt  vol. 2, page 73. There is a very beautiful engraved frontispiece of sporting interest. Copious notes accompany these texts. Small vignettes. Thiebaud 748.

64. Strange & bloody news of a most horrible murder £8 Finchley near Browns Well in Middlesex. A double-sided folio sheet:  London, printed by Eliz. Mallet in Black-Horse Alley near Fleet Bridge, 1684. Uncut (edges of margins in places defective on account of poor quality paper. Text fine. Wing (S.5813)

65. Mercator's Atlas 1595. A facsimile reprint £35 15s is being published this spring, 107 maps, 556 pages, full leather binding. 16 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches, 420 x 290 mm. Sixteen maps are of the British Isles. The last copy of the 1595 edition sold in auction, realised [[realized]] £1,100 in 1956, at Sotheby's: it is a really rare book & the present reprint seems a good buy. A prospectus is available. (I cannot allow a discount on this book, even to dealers).


66. Caslon Illus. catalogue of bookbinding materials, £3 
specimens of brass types. Chiswell Street, c. 1900. Large 8vol. orig. cloth, numerous illus. & pages of specimens.

67. Sale Catalogue. Catalogue de livres rares & £5 
curieux...bibliothèque de M. D. H(éron). T. Bélin, 1893. 757 carefully- described items:  bound with  Cat. de beaux livres modernes, éditions de luxe (588 items) all with auction-prices marked in ink. A second volume contains the same amateur's sale-catalogue "Estampes anciennes de l'école française du 18e. siècles," (with prices of the suites marked in ink). Two volumes, contemp. wide 3/4 crushed crimson morocco, t.e.g., uncut, orig. wrappers preserved (bindings by Bretault). Fine copies except for superficial split in part of one hinge of the 2nd vol.

68. The Fortsas Hoax, W. Blades' translation of £2 
"Catalogue d'une très-riche mais peu nombreuse collection de livres... comte de Fortsas...dont la vente se fera â Binche le 10 août 1840." Edited with an introduction by J. Moran. Published privately by Arborfield, London (1961). One of the most successful & amusing of literary hoaxes

69. 1000 Quaint Cuts from books of other days, £7 10s 
incl. illustrations from children's story books, fables, chap-books...pictorial initial letters, curious designs & ornaments from original wooden blocks belonging to the Leadenhall Press.  Field & Tuer, n.d.  4to, red cloth, spine not lettered, sides gilt. One of the limited number of copies  printed on one side of the sheet. Clean copy but wormhole in first four leaves.

70. Banbury Chap Books & nursery toy book £8 
literature of the 18th & early 19th century with impressions from several hundred original wood-cut blocks by Bewick, Blake, Cruikshank, Craig, Lee, E. Pearson. Reader 1890. 4to, orig. pink buckram, printed label on spine, 116 pp. Fine impressions & a most interesting collection of scarce texts.

71. Forgotten Children's Books. Leadenhall Press, £6
1898-9. 8vo, orig. blue cloth gilt, t.e.g., uncut, with the actual Dutch paper on page 8.  Four hundred reproductions , over 500 pp.

72. Crim (Albert) "Le Livre" (historique, fabrication, £2
achat, classement). Flammarion 1905-1907. Four (or five) volumes, sm. 8vo., orig. wrappers, uncut (nearly 1500 pages). Index at end of each volume. Missing volume contains "usage & entretien des livres & appendices).

73. Bibliotheca Chemica, a bibliography of books on £5
alchemy, chemistry & pharmaceutics, by Ferguson. Verschoyle 1954. (Reprint of 1906 edition, over 1100 pages). 2vols. 8vo, orig. buckram.

74. Perceau (Louis) Bibliographie du Roman £22
Erotique au 19e siècle...description complète de tous les romans...publiés sous le manteau en français, de 1800 à nos jours & de toutes leurs réimpressions. Fourdrinier 1930. 2 vols., 8vo, strongly bound in black cloth, leather lettering-pieces on spines, t.e.g., uncut, one of 1000 numbered copies on vélin blanc. This monumental bibliography contains 816 pages

"The American Book Collector" is a monthly published at 1822 School Street, Chicago, U.S.A. It prints a most interesting variety of literary & bibliographical articles, with many reproductions. It is an international journal for book-collectors. Yearly subscription is £1 16s. Subscriptions & specimen copies from 1822 School Street, Chicago.


75. Byzantium. G. Schlumberger, L'Epopée £13 10s
byzantine à la fin du dixième siècle, guerres contre les Russes, les Arabes, les Allemands, les Bulgares, lutttes civiles, contre les deux Bardas, Jean Tzimiscès, les jeunes années de Basile II etc. Hachette 1896. 4to, contemp. 3/4 red crushed morocco, t.e.g., 800 pp., numerous illustrations. Rare standard work, always in demand.

76. "Law & Justice," Daumier's "Les gens de £1 15s justice." Intro. by J. Cain. N.Y. (1959). 4to, new copy, cloth & d/w. Superbly-reproduced black lithographs by this great French caricaturist: they originally appeared n Charivari between 1845 & 1848.

77. (Law) C. Desmaze, Curiosités des anciennes £3 justices d'après leurs registres. Plon  1867. 8vo, orig. wrappers, uncut, unopened, 576 pp., spine broken. Very clean copy. Includes barbers & doctors  hunting, dress, epidemics & hospitals, printers, games of chance, beggars, prisons & punishments,  theatres, universities etc.

78. Perrault (La Barbe Bleue, La belle au bois £8 dormant). Paris, Boussod Valadon 1887. Folio, white parchment boards richly gilt, with blue morocco corner inlays, inch-wide inner gilt borders, blue satin end-leaves, g.e. The text is well-printed on thick hinged leaves: the chief beauty of this fine volume is in the forty-one facsimile reproductions of EDOUARD DE BEAUMONT'S watercolors. Excellent copy except for trifling rubbing on spine. Contents as new.

79. Slang. Francisque Michel, "Etudes de philolgie £4 comparée sur l'ARGOT & sur les idiomes analogues parlés en Europe & en Asie." Didot 1856. Large 8 vo., orig. wrappers, uncut 55 + 546 pp., double-columns. Chapters on Italian, Spanish, German & English slang & shorter notes on slang of Holland, Jutland, Russia & the "médicins charlatans & les boulangers de Zagori en Albanie." Wrappers worn by contents fine.

80. Variétés Historique & littéraires, recueil de £10 pièces volantes rares & curieuses en prose & en vers, revues & annotèes par E. Fournier. Jannet (& Pagnerre for vols. 9 & 10), 1855-1863. ("Bibliothèthque Elzèvirienne"), 10 vols. Small 8 vo, cloth gilt, uncut. Fine fresh set, seach volume contains about 370 pages of 16th and 17th century French pieces of the greatest rarity. (The index occupies more than 75 pages.)

81. Les Veber's. Paris, Testard, 1895. Large 8 vo, £6 1/2 brown crushed morocco & marbled boards, orig. wrappers bound-in. Hundreds of witty black illus. A splendid & little-known work of the 'nineties.

82. Candide ou l'optimisme (Voltaire). (Paris), 1931. £3 8vo, in leaves, boxed as issued. Twelve colourplates loosely inserted. No. 20 of 300 numbered copies. An exceptionally well-produced edition (no name of publisher). The artist was Jean Roy.

83. Voyage oú il vous Plaira par Tony Johannot, £12 Alfred de Musset & P. J. Stahl. Hetzel 1843. 8vo, full contemporary dark blue morocco, the spine & both covers entirely gilt, with foliage, grotesques, a woman leaning over the back of a man's chair, dragons etc. Edges gilt, leaves lossening but a clean copy. Carteret 596. There are sixty-three splendid full page illustrations. Very rare in fully-gilt morocco. Large rubber-stamp on blank part of title-page.


84. Old Master Drawings, reproductions. "Hand- £27 zeichnungen alter Meister de holländischer Schule," 3e. Auflage. [[italics]]Leipzig, Schumann (1921). Six portfolios, canvass sides, leather spines & corners, a perfect & complete set, containing three hundred & eighty-four reproductions each lightly tipped on to thicker paper. Please note that the leaves have been attached to a strong band of linen so that each of the six portfolios contains (for foreign customs purposes) "a book" (& not separate leaves). This third edition is the best. The leaves can of course easily be detached, if it is required to show them separately for educational purposes. (Postage & insurance to U.S.A. would be under $10).

85. Old Master Drawings. Another edition (1913) £19 of the above,loose leaves in 6 portfolios (the spines much worn but sound, the sides & contents fine. Containsthree hundred & forty-seven plates (i.e., lacks 37 plates).

]86. "Master Drawings," a quarterly about £3 10s magazine, will be devoted to the study of western drawings from the 14th to the 19th century, it will include the publication of unknown material & significant new attributions & findings: from time to time there will be articles on famous past & present collections of drawings. "Master Drawings" will appear four times a year, each issue will contain 30-40 separate plates & some text-illustrations. Sir Karl Parker (editor of the English quarterly OMD 1926-1940) is Honorary Chairman: the editorial advisory board includes, among others, the following: O. Bensesch, Sir Anthony Blunt, Julius Held, F. Lugt, Agnes & Elizabeth Mongan, A. E. Popham, Janos Scholz, J. J. Byam Shaw, J. Wilde & R. Wittkower.
Yearly subscription will be $10

87. "Old Master Drawings, a handbook for £10 10s collectors" by H.S. Reitlinger. Constable  1922. 4to, boards, cloth spine, uncut, 2 corners rubbed but a good copy. Seventy-two full-page reproductions of some of the drawings in this famous collection which was dispersed in auction in 1954. 188 pp.

88. Old Master Drawings. A. Bertini, "I Disegni £7 italiani della Biblioteca Reale di Torino." [[italics]]Rome, Istit: Poligrafico (1958). Folio, orig. wappers, uncut. Seven hundred & fifty-eight reproductions of drawings up to end of 18th century. 700 drawings are described, with measurements etc. New copy (no discount).

89. "Some Victorian Draughtsmen" by H. £2 Hubbard. Cambridge U.P., 1944. Large 8vo, orig. buckram, d/w. Sixty-four full-page reproductions of drawings (from the 200th exhib. of the Roy. Soc. of Brit. Artists.) From the library of Harold Wright with his signature.

90. "Francesco Guardi," text by V. Moschini £3 10s transl. by A. Colquhoun. Heinemann (1956). Folio, orig. buckram. 20 full-page colourplates + 190 other illus., mostly full-page (many are of his drawings). One of the excellent series "Great masters of Italian art."

91. Corot, the paintings & drawings of: in the artist's £8 own collection, with intro. by V. Rienaecker & a complete catalogue. London & New York 1929. 4to, orig. blue cloth, t.e.g., uncut. Numerous reproductions (many in colour).

92. Gaudier-Brzeska Drawings, introduction by £1 6s H. Brodzky. Faber (1946). Folio, orig. buckram & coloured wrapper (latter repaired). Ninety-two reproductions of drawings (3 in colour).

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