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Column (I)
Art- continued
93.[[bold]]Aspects of Miniature Painting[[/bold]], its origins & £6 development, by T. H. Colding. Copenhagen 1953. 4to, orig. blue cloth, new. 219pp. + two hundred & nineteen reproductions of miniatures, the majority between the 15th & 18th centuries, but including some earlier & some early 19th century examples. £6
94. Troche (E. G.) Painting in the Netherlands, 15th & 16th centuries. Zwemmer 1936. 4to, orig. cl., 104 full-page photogravure plates. £6 10s
95. Goering (Max) Italian painting of the 16th century, with a preface by Hermann Voss. Zwemmer 1936. 4to, orig. cloth, 104 full-page photogravure reproductions.  £4 10s
96. Deusch (W. R.) German painting of the 16th century, Durer & his contemporaries, with preface by F. Winkler. 4to, orig. cloth, 104 full-page photogravure plates.  £4 10s
97. Mantegna: paintings, drawings, engravings, complete edition by E. Tietze-Conrat. Phaidon 1955. 4to, as new.  £2
98. Masters of Watercolour Painting, with intro. by H. M. Cundall. "Studio" 1922-3. 4to, orig. cloth, 24 full-page colourplates (Cotman, De Wint, Girtin, Sandby, Turner etc.). £2
99. "Canaletto" by F. J. B. Watson. London & N. Y., Paul Elek (1949). Folio, orig. yellow canvas. 14 very fine full-page colourplates + 33 other reproductions incl. many of drawings.  £5
100. "Richard Wilson, R.A., the grand classic." By Adrian Bury. Leigh-on-sea, Lewis (1947). 4to, orig. cloth, one of 500 numbered copies, handmade paper, numerous reproductions incl. some in colour.  £5
101. Samuel Palmer's 1824 sketch-book, the only one which survived, has been superbly reproduced in facsimile. The 165 pages indicate some of his sources of inspiration in their most essential form. Mainly pen & sepia, with occasional pencil or colourwash, all is faithfully reproduced. Some of the most exquisite landscape sketches ever made: they date from the first of the "visionary years." Of the 560 copies, fifty are in full-leather, dark brown, for the volume of reproductions, & the commentary is in cloth: these cost £13 2s 6d. The remaining 510 copies are in cloth for both volumes, each set in a slip-case: the cheaper set costs £9 9s (no discount).
102. La Caricature & les caricaturistes, par E. Bayard: préface illustrée de C. Léandre. Delagrave(1900). Folio, orig. coloured cloth, gilt edges, 399 pp., numerous fullpage & smaller reproductions of the work of Doré, Daumier, Gavarni, Monnier, Grandville, Gil, Draner, Stop, Caran d'Arche, Bac, Guillaume, Mars, Crafty, H. Somm, Louis Morin, as well as some earlier works. An essential reference work.  £7
103. The Coulourprints of William Dickes, by A. Docker. Courier Press (1924). 4to, orig. green cloth. over 330 items described. Numerous reproductions.  £7
104. (Sculptor) A. Bury, " Shadow of Eros, a biographical & critical study of the life & works of Sir Alfred Gilbert." Dropmore Press, 1952. 4to, full crushed brown morocco, t.e.g., uncut. One of fifty-three copies signed by the author & thus bound. Universally known as the sculptor of the Piccadilly Circle "EROS" (& the Queen Alexandra Memorial at Marlborough Gate). Illustrated.  £3
105. Souvenir of the Fine Art Section, Franco-British exhibition 1908, compiled by Sir I. Spielmann. Folio, orig. blue cloth gilt, t.e.g., hundreds of illustrations, 348 pp. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, engravings, architecture, applied art etc. Engraved bookplate of Lady Battersea, dated 1892.  £3 10s
106. St. Louis international exhibition 1904, The British Section, compiled by Sir I. Spielmann (1906). Folio, orig. blue cloth (companion-vol. to the above). Large bookplate of Lord Battersea engraved by C. W. Sherborn. Hundreds of fine illustrations. Paintings, drawings, engravings, sculpture, architecture, photography, textiles, ceramics, precision instruments, hunting equipment, engineering, low-temperature research, sporting guns etc.  £4 10s
107. Surréalisme en 1929, the juin 1929 issue of the Belgian "Varietés," (numéro hors série & hors abonnement). 4to, orig. wrappers (latter repaired, contents fine). Nearly  100 pp., numerous illustrations. A scarce issue.  £1
108. Foto-Auge (Photo-Eye). Stuttgart, 1929. 4to, orig. wrappers. 76 unusual photos, many full-page. Text in German, French & English. F. Roh & J. Tschichold were the editors.  £1 10s
109. Cinema. "Film Photos wie noch nie, 1200 interessante Photos aus den besten Filmen aller Lander." 1929. 4to, orig. wrappers. 1,200 photos from films, on 255 pp., inlc. 62 pages of German text. The sarts include Bergner, Clive Brook, Chaplin, Colman, Coogan, J. Crawford, Dl Rio, Fairbanks, Garbo, Gaynor, Gish, Jannings, Keaton, Lloyd, Menjou, Mix, Ramon Novarro, Pickford, Riefenstahl, Swason, Talmadge, C. Veidt, & numerous otheer European acors. A fascinating series of stills form between-war films. Already rare.  £3
110. The Bargain Book, by C. E. Jerningham & L. Bettany. C. & W. 1911. 8vo, orig. cloth, t.e.g., cover stained, otherwise fine. Numerous illus. Curiosity-shops, recoveries from the earth, secretive habits of our ancestors. thefts in the art world. Includes some very useful date-charts.  £2
112. Boxwood & Graver, a miscellany of blocks. Privately Printed, Christmas 1958, sm. 8vo, parchment spine, wood-engravings (no text) including the work of Reynolds Stone.  £4

Column (II)

113. Fidus (a monograph) von W. Spohr. Minden, 1902. Folio, orig. cl., scores of full-page & smaller reproductions (some in colour) of drawings of this well-known German artist of the 1890's (remark-able for the large staring eyes). £2
114. Portraits. "Illustrated catalogue of a loan collection of portraits of English historical personages who died between 1625 & 1714: exhibited at the Examination Schools, Oxford, 1905." O.U.P. 1905. 4to. orig. bds., cloth spine, numerous reproductions. Rare. £4
115. "From Holbein to Whistler, notes on drawing & engraving," by A. M. Brooks. New Haven, Yale, & O.U.P. 1920. 4to, orig. bds., buckram spine, t.e.g. From the library of Harold Wright with his signature. 71 reproductions. 194 pp. £4

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116. Andrea del Sarto School. Red chalk group of two standing apostles, one in profile, one seen from behind: they stand on steps. 12¼ x 7½ inches, 311 x 182 mm. Watermark a 6-pointed star above a dove. Lugt's anon.W. mark (No. Supplément 2591a).
117. Bandinelli (Baccio, 1493-1560) A group of splendid large pen & ink anatomical drawings (of special interest to my numerous collectors in the medical profession):-
(1) Four thighs, legs & feet of male écorchés, two facing, one in profile, one from behind, 11¼ x 16⅝ inches, 285 x 422 mm. £4
(2) Five studies of ankles & feet of men, 9¾ x 16¼ inches, 248 x 412 mm. £35
(3) Bones of hand & wrist & thigh-bone, 15¾ x 10¼ inches, 400 x 260 mm. £30.
(4) A double-sided drawing (a) right & left shoulders, arms & hands of a man: & added to the sheet, a study of an arm & hand. (b) Male écorché of thigh, leg & foot: hand & hand & fore-arm (& added to the same sheet, bones & muscles of thigh, part of torso, shoulder & fore-arm). 13 x 7½ inches, 332 x 190 mm. £30.
(5) Double-sided drawing: five studies of feet on recto, two on verso, some of the feet are higher than life, one is of an écorché. Brown ink 11¼ x 16½ inches, 285 x 420 mm. £30.
118. Cambiaso (Luca, 1527-1585) The Holy Family, with Saint Anne at the foot of a tree, with a stone building on the left. 12½ x 10½ inches, 319 x 269 mm. From the C. R. Rudolf collection with his mark. £1260
119. Cambiaso (Luca, 1527-1585) Saint Jerome at his devotions, his lion with head on paws, on the right: the saint's left hand rests on the skull as he gazes at the crucifix. 9½ x 10⅝ inches, 242 x 269 mm. £85
120. Carpioni (Giulio, Venice 1611-Verona 1674) Two drawings in bistre with the point of the brush:-
(1) Venus surprised by a satyr while numerous putti amuse themselves with apples from the tree, etc., with a small distant landscape. 6 x 9½ inches, 152 x 240 mm. £128.
(2) Psyche borne away by Zephyr, accompanied by numerous putti, 6 x 9½ inches, 150 x 236 mm. £12.
121. Carracci (Agostino, 1557-1602) Pen & ink on green paper, Samson & Delilah, with one of the Philistines rushing in from the right. 7¾ x 6⅞ inches. 199 x 175 mm. £30
122. Carracci (Annibale, 1560-1609) Pen & ink, in foreground people variously employed on edge of water & on land: in background, sun rises beyond island & a small ship. 8¼ x 6¼ inches, 205 x 156 mm., the top arched. £75
123. Carracci (Lodovico, 1555-1619) Pen & ink & bistre with pale green, wash, a girl's head in profile t the left, classical features (on verso is a head & shoulders of a woman & a smaller slight sketch of a face.) 5 x 4 inches, 127 x 102 mm. £32
124. Castiglione (G. B., 1616-1670) Reddish-brown oil-paint heightened with a red & very light touches of pale green. An antique sacrifices of a sheep to Pan, with full-length figures, a superb group. 8 x 11⅜ inches,203 x 289 mm. 3 blank corners repaired, not affecting the drawing. From the collection of C. R. Rudolf, with his mark, Lugt Suppl. 2811b. £750
125. Cersari (Giuseppe, "Cavaliere d'Arpino," 1568-1640). A splendid draped figure, flying on a cloud, perhaps for an Angel of the Annunciation, pen & ink & brown wash, 11 x 7¼ inches, 282 x 183 mm., the blank right edge repaired. £15
126. Cigoli (Ludovico: b. at Castellovecchio di Cigoli in Tuscany 1559, died in Rome 1613). A double-sided drawing in pen & brown ink & blue wash, faintly squared in red & black chalk. "Christ before Pilate," 15½ x 10⅛ inches, 394 x 257 mm. (On verso is a study of the soldiers tying Christ to the column, in the same technique, similar to Farnesina," Rome 1959, number 38, plate 39. The column corresponds in shape with the supposed original preserved in S. Prassede in Rome. My drawing was Number 15 in the 1962 Arts Council Exhibition of Old Master Drawings from the collection of C. R. Rudolf, London, Birmingham & Leeds, Jan. to April 1962.  £350
127. Cittadini (Pier Franceso, of Bologna, 1616-1681). Pen & ink & bistre, landscape with trees by a river, a castle on rising ground beyond, 7 x 10 inches, 178 x 253 mm. On verso: a small building among trees above a river & in a corner of the same sheet, 3 studies of full-length figures (ink & gray wash). £25
128. Carreggio (Antonio Allegri, of Mantua & Parma, 1494-1534). Red chalk touched with white, full-length kneeling robed woman, presumably a penitent Magdalen. On verso is a first-thought faint red-chalk sketch for the same. 11 x 7 inches, 281 x 180 mm., the corner rounded. £90

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